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The business world is currently in somewhat of a transition phase with many companies streamlining their output, investing in contractors and downsizing their teams.

This has opened up a new market for people to go it alone and become their own boss by working remotely as sole traders, or in small teams.

Through this shift in business, has come a rise in co-working spaces, where people with diverse skills work side by side in an inspiring space.

Co-working spaces allow business owners, consultants and employees the option of a place to work outside your house, which avoids all the distractions that come with a home office.

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While there are many benefits to working from home, there are even more to working in a shared space. Positives like Co-working has a number of benefits: increased levels of productivity, minimised feelings of isolation, enhanced opportunities for collaboration and networking, far less distraction, professional environments for meetings, a sense of belonging and being part of a community and support to help through times when business gets tough.

There are a range of options when it comes to finding a shared office space: there are spaces dedicated to artists who need room to more and create, spaces for energetic sales and marketing types, spaces with private offices, multilevel business hubs and plenty with a mixture of both.

But what should you consider when you’re looking for your place in a co-working space?

Here are 5 things to consider when seeking your perfect work surrounds:

1. Culture is key
A co-working space is a little like a share house, but hopefully without people eating your food and having parties when you’re trying to sleep. So it’s important to find a culture that suits you and your style of working. There are many work spaces in Adelaide to suit different cultures and occupations. For example, Sass Place is specialised as being women-centred.
The South Australian co-working space provides desk spaces both casual and permanent, private offices, boardroom, meeting room and workshop spaces, as well as an online community, an online magazine and an onsite crèche at one of their locations.

2. To join or not to join, that is the question
Depending on the organisation, co-working spaces can work on a membership scheme or monthly/weekly rental, with some offering a range of payment options. Whether you want to work full time or a day a week, it’s important to find the right plan that suits you. Sass Place has a range of packages to suit your work schedule, budget and lifestyle. From trial memberships, monthly options and permanent spaces. Sass Place provides flexibility that can grow with your business

3. Location, location, location
You may not be aware, but there are actually co-working spaces sprinkled all over Adelaide. While each one has its own culture and dynamic, it’s really important to choose somewhere that is convenient for you and your lifestyle. If the shared space is too difficult to get to, the motivation to go to work can lessen, and you might not get the most out of your financial commitment. Sass Place offer co-working, community, events and room hire at two great locations – Parkside and West Lakes.

4. Be inspired by your surroundings
You need to feel comfortable where you work and your office should reflect what you do. That’s why Sass Place’s beautifully decorated spaces with wifi at the ready and professional meeting areas is perfect for professional women who want to achieve in their business.

5. Be supported by your colleagues
Having a community within the workspace can work wonders in taking your business or project to the next level. Being able to bounce ideas off like-minded individuals as well as seek advice and support from people with greater experience and knowledge is crucial for growth. Sass Place Founder Carly Thompson-Barry has created a culture of support at her co-working spaces and online, which led to her identifying a need to establish She Nurtures, a mentoring program to give women in business a lift to work and support their wellbeing.

Carly says, “I began to see more and more women suffering from overwhelm, many heading back to employment after being despondent with the business world and began to hear stories of burnout as though it was some sort of rite of passage to being a business owner.

“After being close to burnout myself, I knew something had to change; how women are doing business needs to be looked at, it doesn’t need to be this way. I realised that there were a number of things I wish I had access to during my business journey and one of those was someone there to guide and support me through the ups and downs, to remind me of the importance of my own wellbeing as well as provide business advice.

“Sometimes the simplest of changes have made an incredible difference to the women I have worked with so far. We are our businesses greatest asset, and She Nurtures enables women to invest in looking after both them and their business.”

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