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The registration period for the 2016 She Shopped Spirit of Christmas has now closed. We are now working to make matches and all registered donors and recipients will be contacted via email shortly. Once again, heartfelt thanks to everyone who has participated – you put the joy in Christmas.

She Shopped Spirit of Christmas campaign was established in December 2012, by She Shopped founder, Lucy Cornes and serves to connect Australian families in need with those able to provide gifts and food at Christmas time. Since 2013 the program has been supported by volunteers Prisca and Louise, who work with Lucy to make the matches. Their support is so gratefully appreciated. Hundreds of Australian families have been matched since the program’s inception.

For thousands of Australians, Christmas is extremely challenging, for many reasons including financial hardship, grief, domestic violence, unemployment, loneliness and illness. She Shopped Spirit of Christmas spreads joy, in the true spirit of the season and gives Australians able to provide assistance the opportunity to connect with those in need.

How can I participate in the She Shopped Spirit of Christmas?

  1. Donor. You’ll be matched with a family in need and provided their details so that you can donate food and gifts for Christmas.
  2. Recipient. You’ll be matched with a family who are able to provide you food and gifts for Christmas.
  3. Nominee. You can nominate a family who require food and gifts at Christmas.


  1. Donors, your gracious participation is most gratefully appreciated. Recipients are not means tested and we ask that you reserve all judgement on what “being in need” looks like.
  2. Recipients, you are safe here. This is a judgement free program and we value your courage in asking for help.
  3. Recipients are not required to acknowledge receipt of food and gifts – although most do (and that is lovely).
  4. As a guide we suggest $25 per person for a gift and a $100 for a food voucher – donors you are welcome to contribute more or less than this.
  5. Group participation is welcome – get your friends together to buy food and gifts for your recipient family.
  6. A voucher for the recipients nearest supermarket works well for the food component.
  7. Once matched, donors will be provided the contact details of their recipient – after which you are welcome to ask more questions to help with gift and food selection.
  8. We often get asked by donors “How should I start the conversation” – a simple “I have been matched with you through the She Shopped Spirit of Christmas and I am honoured to help your family with food and gifts this Christmas” works well.
  9. Where possible we match families that live nearby one another so exchanges can take place in person. As a guide please –
    1. Exchanges can take place at the recipients home or a mutually agreed upon public location like a park or café.
    2. Donors and recipients should travel in pairs – this is a common safety practice when meeting new people.
  10. If nominating a family for assistance you are not required to tell them – but it helps the donor family if you do.
  11. Only brand new, unopened items for gifts please.

I’m ready to register – what now?

  1. All registrations for donors, recipients and nominees must be made by filling in the form below by Monday, December 5, 2016 – this is a strict cut off and no registrations will be accepted after this date.
  2. After all registrations have been received, you’ll be notified of your match via email. Due to the high volume of matches we need to make – please do not contact us before Monday, December 5, regarding the status of your registration.
  3. We appreciate you letting us know once your exchange has been made so we can mark you as complete – any feedback is welcome at this time to improve future programs.


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