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In these episodes of She Shopped TV, founder, Lucy Cornes, and She Shopped Foodie, Dinah, from Stirring the Pot, shop at the Adelaide Central Market for all the fresh, local, produce they need to prepare a delicious Easter lunch.

Video Transcript

Lucy: Hi I’m Lucy Cornes from She Shopped and this is Dinah, our foodie! We are at the Adelaide Central Market and we are putting together a super delicious Easter lunch. Tell us about the menu.

Dinah: Alright, well first of all, we’ve come to the Adelaide Central Market for the local suppliers, and the chance to buy direct from the farmers. So we are going to do Fish and Chips, sweet potato chips, some amazing whiting and snapper, all caught from South Australian waters, which is really important. Plus some amazing chocolate molten cupcakes, little nests on top, Easter eggs, cute for the kids!

Lucy: And when Dinah says fish and chips, it’s not your average fish and chips, but best of all you can do it at home and…

Dinah: It’s easy!

Lucy: You took the words right out of my mouth! Lets go shopping!


2 fillets snapper – boned

2 fillets king George whiting

1C GF flour

1C quinoa flakes

1kg white potatoes

1kg sweet potatoes

2C GF flour

2T Vegeta powdered stock

Rice bran oil


1 bunch thyme

1C whole egg mayonnaise

2T capers

2T cornichons, roughly chopped

½ Spanish onion diced

1 bunch chives, chopped

Rind and juice of a lemon

Sea salt for seasoning

Baby Cos lettuce leaves

1 bunch chives, chopped

Olive oil

Red wine vinegar


Firstly it’s your finger-licking delicious ‘THRICE’ cooked chippies you need to get on to!  Ideally start this process in the morning or day before. Using a large saucepan start warming up your rice bran oil.

Peel your potatoes, cut them into chunky chips and put them in separate bowls of water.  In a separate bowl combine your flour and Vegeta and a touch of sea salt and mix well.  Drain off your chips, towel dry and keeping sweet potato chips separate to your regular chips, lightly flour with your mix.

Fry your chips in batches so you don’t over load your oil.  For the first fry, cook them till you get a touch of colour then remove and lay out on a tray lined with paper towel.  Second fry – a few mins should do the trick.  Again, lay out on your tray lined with paper towel.  Don’t over crowd your tray.  Best result is if you place your tray of chips into the fridge for as long as possible allowing to set and cool.  This will give your chip that fluffy potato centre and that crisp outer we all try to achieve time and time again!

Now for your tangy tartare sauce… this one is easy!  Place all of your ingredients in a bowl, give a good mix, season to taste and set aside in the fridge until you are ready to serve.

To prepare your fish – In a bowl combine your quinoa flakes and flour and give it a quick mix.  Make a slurry in another bowl by combining 1T flour with 8T water and give a good whisk.  This is what you’ll dip your fish into before you place into your flour/quinoa flake mix and thoroughly coat.

OK we are ready to give this a final cook and get it on the table!  Starting with your chips, give them their final fry in hot oil.  Fry till golden brown.  Take out, sprinkle with sea salt and set aside.  Add your fish fillets in to your oil 1 by 1.  Again fry until golden then take out, drain on absorbent paper.

Place fish & chips on your newspaper or platter to serve along with your chips, fresh lemon wedges, dollops of your tartare sauce, some thyme sprigs over your chips & your Cos/chive salad on the side.  This, my friends will have you licking your fingers for more!



Makes 12

200g dark chocolate

200g butter

3 eggs

1/4C caster sugar

1t vanilla extract

120g SR flour

12 mini squares of milk choc to dunk in the cupcakes

Preheat your oven to 160 degrees fan-forced.

In a small saucepan add in your 200g choc and 200g butter and melt over a gentle heat.  In your cake mixer, add in your eggs, vanilla extract and sugar and whisk until pale and fluffy.  Slowly add in your chocolaty buttery goodness & flour and continue to whisk together until well combined.  Separate your mix out amongst your 12 patty pans then add in each a cube of milk chocolate.

Bake for approx. 30mins then bring out of the oven and allow to cool in the tin for a further 10mins till you place them on a rack.

I’ve iced mine with a simple Buttercream Icing, topped with Persian PASHMAK fairy-floss to create your birds nest then settled in on top, some cute candied chocolate Easter eggs which will make your kids eyes light up like they’ve just seen the Easter Bunny skip through your backyard….


Adelaide Central Market Easter 2016 Trading Hours

Date Trading Hours
Tuesday 22 March 7am to 5.30pm
Wednesday 23 March 7am to 5.30pm
Thursday 24 March 6am to 7pm
Saturday 26 March 7am to 3pm
Tuesday 29 March Open 7.00am to 5.30pm

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