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For Mel, turning 40, signalled the end of been able to wear her favourite red lipstick, because every time she applied it, the lipstick would bleed and end up everywhere but her lips! Mel was resigned to retiring her beloved shade, until she saw a call-out on She Shopped asking for a reader to undergo an anti-ageing lip enhancement procedure at Adelaide Plastic Surgery.

Mel meeting injector Karen

Mel registered and was selected to undergo the procedure by the team at Adelaide Plastic Surgery, because hers is a familiar story. Many women that come into the clinic report exactly the same problem. It’s because as we age, our lips become less supple and lines inevitably become evident. As they deepen, lipstick bleeds into the lines, accentuating the ageing process.


Mel’s before picture

In order to review her experience, Mel underwent a procedure that uses dermal filling agents, which were used to create a crisp outline to the vermillion border of Mel’s lips. This treatment also helps to stretch out the fine lines that were causing Mel’s lipstick to bleed. On top of that, it adds volume and fullness to the body of Mel’s lips.

For Mel, it was a combination of excitement and terror pre-procedure “I googled some before and after shots and read a few blogs about what to expect (I like to do my research) so I had a fair idea in my head about the procedure and how it might look after”.

Mel was soon put at ease by the team at Adelaide Plastic Surgery, especially thanks to registered nurse and injector Karen, “Karen was amazing! So calm. She explained everything clearly and set realistic expectations around what I could expect my lips to look like after”.

Mel  felt greater reassurance because Karen talked her through the treatment “During the process Karen detailed what she was doing as she was injecting and this helped me to manage the small discomfort of the needle”.

On the topic of discomfort we asked Mel to give us a better idea, “I can’t lie – it hurt. Not terribly – but as Karen explained the lips are a highly sensitive area so there was always going to be a small level of ouch. The numbing cream and the ice pack certainly helped get me through”.


Applying the numbing cream

Mel was fortunate and didn’t suffer much swelling or bruising, despite having taken Neurofen the morning of her procedure for a headache, which is not recommended,  “I had a small bruise on one side of my lip – which Karen told me I would probably get during the process. Easily covered with a bit of make-up the next day at work”

The process

The discomfort of the procedure and slight bruising was soon forgotten when several of Mel’s friends, family began complimenting her post treatment. Most commented that her lips looked plump and natural but some couldn’t quite identify the change “It was also funny how many people just stared at me and asked what was different…. Like when you get a new haircut”.

Mel’s after shot, directly after the treatment

For Mel it has been less about others reaction and more about how the treatment has made her feel “I love my new lips!! I am seriously getting them done again (oops – there goes the holiday account)”. And we couldn’t not follow up with Mel to find out if she is back wearing red lipstick. “My bright red lipstick is back on high rotation and looks so crisp and neat – and doesn’t run up my face! I have a newfound confidence and I can’t recommend Adelaide Plastic Surgery more highly.

Thanks so much for taking part Mel! Your lips look incredible.


Mel back to wearing her beloved red lipstick!

The Wrap Up

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