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ANZ Tennis Hot Shots | Serves up a winning after school sport

Apr 26, 2019 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

ANZ Tennis Hot Shots is a match for us!

We have been living in a house with a tennis court for 6 years now, so we thought it was time our boys Ed (12), Raph (10) and Sonny (9) learnt to play tennis. Our local club Seacliff Tennis Club, which is just around the corner from our house, offered ANZ Tennis Hot Shots lessons so we signed up for a free lesson. It was refreshing to learn (and kind of a relief with all the other activities we have going on) that all three boys could join the same time slot.

The boys had so much fun during the free lesson they immediately decided to sign up for the rest of the term. They not only looked forward to Tuesday night lessons but started using the tennis court at home for its intended purpose – in the past it has been a cricket pitch, footy oval and Nerf battle ground!

I am amazed how quickly the boys have improved in just one term – from swinging at air to playing rallies in just a few short weeks. The modified equipment including lighter racquets, lower nets and low-compression balls really helped their confidence and skill development. Their coach Jim has been so inspiring too, he has such a patient and encouraging style. Thank you, Jim!

The lessons have become an exercise in family bonding too. With the boys taking the lesson together, they’ve had to focus on working together and teamwork. It hasn’t always come easily because Ed is ultra-competitive and Raph is extremely relaxed, so they have had to navigate through their differences. My husband Kane and I have loved watching from the sidelines and observing them work through it.

All three boys have had loads of fun during their ANZ Tennis Hot Shots lessons – so much so they have decided to continue in Term 2, “New favourite sport!” declared Raph. As a mum I just love to see my boys active, smiling and working together. I also really value the role of positive mentors in their lives, and coach Jim has turned out to be a wonderful influence.

Your kids can start playing ANZ Tennis Hot Shots too with a free lesson, it’s really easy to sign up. Simply head to the website HERE and search for your nearest club. Hopefully your child will love their free lesson as much as my boys did, they will be hitting killer backhands and forehands in no time!


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