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Dogcity Daycare | Care provided by passionate dog-lovers, big and small.

Mar 11, 2019 | Reading Time: 3 minutes


At Dogcity Daycare a team of specialist Doggy Cuddlers are enlisted to take care of your best friend in your absence.

An expert squad of dog lovers – including Canine Enrichment Officers – work across three locations in Adelaide’s west, east and south to ensure your dog is in great hands

But it’s the smallest of hands that are giving the largest amount of love at Dogcity, and that’s Evie, the three-and-a-half-year-old daughter of owners Alex and Dan.

Evie has been part of the business since (literally) day one and has grown with the dogs and the dogs with her.

“We realised Evie had a genuine attachment to dogs as soon as she could sit up,” her mother Alex says.  The first place we brought Evie after hospital was to Dogcity and then from that point on she’s been at work at least two days a week for three and a half years.

“Evie always prioritised the dogs to toys.  When we had aof dogs at Dogcity, she took on the role of puppy whisperer because given her size, they were the dogs that made the most sense to put with her because they would happily roll around in front of her and she would pat them.”

Evie has become such an asset to the doggy daycare centre team, giving the dogs them important exposure and desensitisation education they might not receive at home.

“A lot of dogs don’t have little people in their houses, so it’s really important for them to have that positive exposure, especially when you look at the dog bite rates,” Alex says.  “She has a playroom upstairs at one of our facilities where we bring the puppies up to her and she will play with them in the ball pit, and with squeaky toys. It’s incredibly beneficial to them and invaluable to her as well.”

Dan and Alex love having Evie around to help with the dogs, but also because they treat their team as a family and Evie is a special part of that.

“From a family business perspective I love that Evie is a part of it.  It’s about combining our two greatest loves: dogs and Evie. I think the dogs and Dogcity give Evie more than we ever could in any other setting,” Evie says.  “What she learns from the dogs in terms of her patience and her energy, it’s not something we could teach her or that school could teach her, or the other kids could teach her. She’s just so gentle and caring.”

And Evie enjoys being at Dogcity Daycare just as much as the team and clients love having her around.

“I like dogs because they’re always happy,” she says.  “They are so excited to see me and they make me happy.”

But what is her secret to being an effective expert dog whisperer?  Well she would only give one expert tip away:

“I use treats and hold my hands up and say, ‘sit please’,” Evie said.

When you drop your fur kid off at Dogcity, you can rest assured they will be well cared for, well fed and spend their day enjoying one to one personalised activities with puppy-specific play sessions and seniors cuddle time.

With three great locations in Adelaide’s west, east and south, Dogcity is the place to bring your pet for the very best care.

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