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National Pharmacies Optical for Children | 20/20 BY 2020.

May 16, 2019 | Reading Time: 2 minutes


For over one hundred years, National Pharmacies has been caring for our community with health advice, products and services.  Now they are introducing a new element to their membership that is focused on a key area of children’s health and well-being – their eyesight.

By giving away free glasses to children aged 12 and under on a family membership, National Pharmacies Optical are helping kids to obtain 20/20 vision by the year 2020.

One in five children living in Australia has an undiagnosed eye problem.  According to optometrists, children’s vision is likely to worsen. An estimated 50% are predicted to develop myopia, or short-sightedness, in years to come due to increased screen time.  

Vision impairment can affect a child’s reading ability, confidence at school, coordination and social interactions.  The impact of early vision problems can be lifelong.

Dinah Crowe, a mother of three young boys, knows only too well of the importance of eye checks for children.  Previously unaware of any eyesight issues for her middle son, Cooper, Dinah only discovered that he needed glasses after visiting an optometrist due to viral conjunctivitis.  

The optometrist took Cooper through a series of vision activities, where he looked at pictures, words and objects.  The optometrist then used specialised equipment to take a closer look at Cooper’s eyes. Once the examination was complete, Cooper was able to choose from a range of over 20 glasses.  He now wears glasses full-time and is thriving.

National Pharmacies’ friendly staff can help your child to select a pair that they love and that suits the shape of their face.  Your child’s glasses will be custom-made with quality ZEISS clear lenses with UVProtect technology, giving sunglass-level UV protection for the eye and surrounding skin.  The glasses will be ready in as little as one week.

As a member of National Pharmacies, each child aged 12 and under and covered by a family membership is entitled to one pair of glasses per year.  

You can make an appointment online for a National Pharmacies store location that is convenient to you.  Alternatively, you are welcome to contact your local store directly.

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