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What do you do when life gets so ridiculously busy that you feel like you haven’t spent any quality time with your family in forever, even though you live under the same roof? You book an ‘intrastate’ vacation like we did! We packed our bags and drove all 12.6kms to BIG4 Adelaide Shores Caravan Park and checked into our home away from home, a Norfolk Cabin, perfect for our family of 5.


After a quick inspection of their new bedroom the boys were off, first to the jumping pillow. I got dragged on and then ironically I didn’t want to get off. A real ‘bringing out my inner child’ moment.


The water park is also a great entertainer for ‘spirited’ boys. It kept our sons occupied while we got to lounge on the pool chairs and catch up on the past nine years. Ha! Seriously, who knew grabbing an hour of peace was this easy to come by?


The rest of our stay involved eating (why do you get so hungry on holiday?!), playing, laughing, eating more and the boys complaining because we didn’t pack their bikes and scooters. But somehow total relaxation and that holiday vibe was achieved, even when we were only 10 minutes from home.


Lots of families stay at BIG4 Adelaide Shores Caravan Park, even during the school term. Often life continues as normal, with regular work and school routines, only after knock off, everyone returns to the fun of the caravan park, instead of the monotony of normal life. It’s a great way to grab a quick recharge before the chaos of Christmas kicks in, without being too disruptive.

In exciting news for those looking to stay at Big 4 Adelaide Shores Caravan Park in the future, a massive resort-style lagoon pool is currently under construction, due to be reopened this December.


BIG4 Adelaide Shores Caravan Park is great for a family trip, but our stay also inspired us to think about getting a group of friends together for a joint stay. The park specialise in catering for large groups and have a variety of solutions available. We are excited to holiday with our friends and their tribes soon.

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