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Air New Zealand’s Economy Skycouch | A better way to fly

Oct 25, 2018 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

Enjoy a superior long haul flying experience with economy seats that convert into a couch.

When you’re heading off on your international trip, beginning your journey from home is always best and Air New Zealand allows South Australians to take off from Adelaide flying directly to Auckland, with seamless connections to North and South America.

Air New Zealand has recently been awarded Airline of the Year for the fifth time and has been connecting travellers for over 75 years, with 12 of those providing direct services in and out of Adelaide, taking the stress out of travelling.

In fact, Air New Zealand’s minimal connection time in Auckland and its North American schedules mean you will arrive fresh and ready to holiday.

Especially when you book their new Economy Sky Couch.

Gone are the days of long, uncomfortable international flights. Air New Zealand has changed the game by providing an economy seat that turns into a couch after take off.

You get a footrest you can put up or down and an armrest that goes all the way up. And when it’s time to rest, you can have your Skycouch set up with bedding and pillows.

There’s even an extension seatbelt for when you want to lie down.

Plus you get all the excellent food, wine, and gate-to-gate entertainment that comes with a standard economy fare.

The Skycouch is great for everyone: singles, couples, families; just anyone wanting a little more space without paying a lot more money.

All three Skycouch seats will be allocated to your booking and are reserved just for the passengers in your group, so you won’t have to share with strangers.

So when you’re doing a long haul flight, book your Air New Zealand economy fare with a Skycouch surcharge and arrive ready to holiday.

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