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It would be impossible for you to imagine the level of excitement my boys (yes including the biggest one) in our house reached when they found out WWE LIVE™ is to battle in Adelaide for the first time in three years this August.

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To give you an idea of just how obsessed our sons are with WWE – we don’t own a trampoline, well we do but don’t dare call it that, it must strictly referred to as ‘Hell in a Cell’. A structure where battles are fiercely won and lost, climaxing in the awarding of a championship belt to the eventual winner.

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Days are spent (and I mean entire days) plotting storylines of good versus evil and enacting rivalries akin to Batman and Superman. Brother against brother, they perfect their entrances and finisher moves, in an endeavour to become the champion.

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Considering they are not professional wrestlers (yet…the middle son plans on becoming one), it’s a pastime they take very, very seriously. Which of course extends to supporting their heroes – the likes of John Cena™, Roman Reigns™, Sheamus™, Kofi Kingston™, Kevin Owens™, Ryback™ and Charlotte and Sasha Banks™– all of whom will incarnate battles when they take to the Adelaide Entertainment Centre on Friday, August 12.

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The Wrap Up

WWE LIVE™ TOUR Australia 2016

Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney

For tickets and event information visit Ticketek Australia HERE

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