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May 1, 2018 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

Kicking off the footy season is expensive. There’s the registration fees, new boots and, of course, the guernseys.

But all of those things are not nearly as costly as a painful and potentially expensive dental injury.

There are a lot of options for mouthguards on the market, but for absolute protection and comfort, She Shopped founder Lucy Cornes prefers to always invest in a custom mouth guard for her three boys.

Recently Lucy changed her private health care provider and has since been very pleasantly surprised by the difference a Health Partners membership makes.

“As a new Health Partners member, it was refreshing to discover that the boys are each entitled to one gap free Health Partners mouth guard per year as a part of our gold extras cover,” she said.

“A professionally fitted mouth guard with nothing for me to pay is the first win for the season. There’s no way I’d send my boys out to play without one.”

With boil and bite, and other mouthguards available off the shelf, why would you bother having one custom made?

Well, Health Partners Dentist Dr Larissa De Savi reckons it’s because a properly fitted mouth guard is more likely to stay in your child’s mouth preventing those painful and expensive potential injuries.

“Custom fitted mouth guards are really good,” Dr Savi said. “It’s going to fit the child’s mouth perfectly, they’re not big and bulky, they’re much more comfortable and they don’t restrict the kids’ breathing. They’re going to keep it in their mouth, it won’t end up staying in their sock and they can call for the ball.”

But is getting a mouth guard tailored to each kid time consuming for busy parents? Lucy says it’s not.

“Getting a custom made mouth guard was really easy. The boys had an examination, impressions of their upper and lower teeth taken and then a week later, we returned to make sure the mouth guard fit correctly,” she said.

“I’m happy because I know the boys’ teeth are protected and I feel like Health Partners really understand my family and cater to reduce our expenses. “

Get a quote today or get in touch with Health Partners today to find out how simple it is to change your cover over and start enjoying the benefits of a members own health fund.

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