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With the arrival of winter, many of us are pulling the vaporiser out from the back of the cupboard to soothe colds, flu and symptoms of asthma. If like us you loathe the condensation traditional vaporisers leave it might be time to invest in an Aroma Bloom ultrasonic vaporiser.

The machine has no heating element – meaning it’s cool to touch. The ultrasonic wave technology works on the vibration of the water at such a high speed that the water vapours are dispersed into the atmosphere –adding moisture and anions to the surrounding environment, helping to help rid the air of allergens and irritants naturally. Not only that, the ioniser releases negative ions into the air, promoting well-being and good health.

The practical 5-in-1 technology will give you the benefits of not only a vaporiser but also, an ioniser, diffuser, humidifier, purifier and a night lamp! Plus, when you look at how stylish it is, you’ll probably want to add one to your family room!

Plus, you can use the Aroma Bloom as an aroma diffuser with essential oils for easy aromatherapy, right at home. The vaporiser operates silently up to 10 hours in continuous mode. It’s easy and safe to use and cool to touch.

These gorgeous vaporisers double up as a stylish nightlight for the kids’ rooms. The vaporiser uses a white LED light which changes in light intensity to simulate a relaxed human breath, designed to help assist relaxation. The light can also be fixed on one light intensity, or completely switched off.

Aroma Bloom ultrasonic vaporisers are available in six colours from leading children’s store Finlee and Me. Purchase one for your own family, or as a gift – they make for an excellent baby shower or new arrival gift.

Click HERE to shop your Aroma Bloom ultrasonic vaporiser.

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