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Uniti Wireless SUPER-FAST Fixed Broadband

Jul 20, 2018 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

Uniti Wireless – super-fast internet connection

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As the boys grow older it feels like we are not only busier, but also more connected than ever. One family – so many devices!

I run my business from our home office, Kane is always keen to catch the latest game and the boys do all their homework online. There’s desktops, laptops, iPads, phones, even the TV is smart and connected!

Sound familiar? It’s not surprising that Australian families need a reliable, Super-Fast Internet connection that allows us to connect multiple devices with ease.

When the NBN was rolled out in our area we encountered numerous dropouts and slow speeds and it was holding my business back.

My business is built on producing video, so when I can’t upload and download big files fast, it impacts my productivity and that of my entire workforce who all work remotely.

Frustrated by my unreliable internet service, I went in search of an alternative to the NBN, with several friends suggesting Uniti.

Uniti operates independently of the NBN and ADSL, using a mixture of fibre and fixed wireless broadband technology to deliver high-performance Internet connections.

Now with Uniti I can run my business from home with maximum productivity and Kane and the kids are happy too!

I wish I’d discovered Uniti sooner, it would have saved us all so much frustration.

It’s not surprising Uniti have grown so fast in just four short years, suggesting I am not the only business owner and we are not the only family after a simple, affordable, Super-fast and reliable broadband solution.

Uniti Wireless are disruptors. Taking on an industry plagued by performance issues to deliver families and small businesses with the Internet we’re so desparately seeking.

Click here to join the Uniti revolution! Get 30 days free AND the Uniti 30 Day Performance Guarantee when you sign up to a 24-month contract.

Uniti – they’re Making the Internet Amazing

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