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Apr 23, 2017 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

Tiff Manuell is a South Australian artist taking the world by storm with her unique accessories for women.

Watch the video to find out why Tiff Manuell chooses SA.


Founder and Artist of her namesake brand, Tiff works from her studio in SA making her one-off designs for customers locally and globally.

“The Tiff Manuell brand started three and a half years ago from our studio here in Unley, South Australia,” Tiff says. “We create a beautiful range of hand painted women’s accessories. Up until now, we’ve created 30,000 unique pieces, which we individually number and ship all across the world.”

Tiff Manuell

Keeping her team and products in South Australia, Tiff employs a team of eight people and enjoys the feeling she gets from supporting the community and the state.

“I’m really passionate about South Australian business and keeping the support within our local community,” she said. “I really enjoy mentoring young, new businesses, because I feel like I can contribute some valuable information and avoid some of the problems I had when I first started my business.”

Tiff Manuell

As well as supporting new businesses by mentoring, Tiff and her team also visit the locally owned shops and companies in the area to choose SA business and support the community.

“I grab my coffee every day from Rosey’s. it’s just around the corner. I go there because I love the vibe, and the daily meet and greet. They have a gorgeous team of people that we inspire and they inspire us back. It’s a lovely hang out,” she says.

Tiff Manuell

“We’re really lucky to have a gorgeous art supply store down the end of our road called Duthy Street Art Supplies. I particularly love going there because they are full of great information, they’ve got great products and also a beautiful creative vibe that is nice to experience and come back inspired by.”

As well as selling online, Tiff Manuell accessories are stocked in shops around Adelaide, and Tiff is proud to be showcased in successful South Australian stores.

Tiff Manuell

“We sell to a select few retailers in Adelaide; Maple being one of them,” she says. “I feel really proud we sell our product alongside some gorgeous international brands. [Maple] has a beautiful presence and ambience; it’s really upmarket and I think it draws a gorgeous community crowd.”

And as well as the benefits of having a physical presence in shops around South Australia, Tiff says she is reaped the benefits of having a global reach thanks to the magic of the internet, showing there are a great many reasons to stay in SA and do what you love.

Tiff Manuell

“There’s certainly no limitation working from our studio here in Unley. We have this opportunity to have a window to the world, especially with our e-store,” she says. “We ship everywhere and we have this beautiful opportunity to draw a really wide following on social media. It makes no difference whether we are here or in New York. We have an unlimited opportunity.”

Tiff Manuell chooses SA for business and enjoys the support she gets from the local community, which she gives back in spades. Check out Tiff Manuell’s designs and story at her website, and don’t forget to choose SA.

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