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Thoroughbred Racing South Australia | Hats Off To Women In Racing.

Jul 5, 2019 | Reading Time: 4 minutes


There is nothing quite like a day at the races.  The smell of freshly cut grass, the clip-clop of horses and, of course, the fashion! 

Whether you are enjoying the relaxed vibe of a country meet or dressing to the nines at Morphettville Racecourse, what you wear is very important – especially what’s on your head! 

Donning a fine piece of millinery for the races is a tradition that has been upheld since the 1800’s, when men and women would dress in their finest to represent their class and wealth status. 

Thankfully, attending the races is now a pastime that can be enjoyed by all.  The custom of wearing a hat has lasted the test of time. 

Based in Adelaide, Mimi from Mimi-Jane Millinery is known for using genuine pearls and other luxe materials to create quality investment millinery pieces.  These can be worn to the races and later worked into your every-day wardrobe.

You may be surprised to know that wearing a hat is a requirement if you wish to enter the ‘Fashion At The Races’ competition held at most race day events. 

If you are planning on entering a South Australian ‘Fashion At The Races’ competition, Mimi has the following advice for you. 

“It’s really important to wear millinery that is season appropriate such as felts for winter and autumn and straw for summer and spring.” 

If you’re looking for a piece that you can wear all year round, then invest in leather as it is regarded as trans-seasonal.  You may also consider opting for a more subtle and versatile look. 

“Headbands, bows and clips can be worn if you feel more comfortable wearing these styles than traditional racing millinery,” Mimi adds. 

When it comes to constructing her pieces, Mimi likes to incorporate both traditional and contemporary millinery techniques into her designs.  No two items follow the same production process. 

The Mini-Jane Millinery straw boater hat is a simple example of a standard, ready-to-wear design which is customised according to the size of her client’s head and their styling requests. 

To create this iconic piece, Mimi shapes the hat by using steam over a hat-block which is set to dry. The hat is then stiffened and wired for stability and longevity, before being trimmed internally and externally to the clients liking. 

Although it can take Mimi anywhere from 7 to 60 hours or more to create one of her designs, she believes that the meticulous quality and handcrafted details of the millinery project is very important. 

“It really is a labour of love,” she says. 

 When it comes to her clientele, Mimi notes that many of her custom orders come from returning racing clients, especially those who are entering the ‘Fashion At The Races’ competitions. 

“Ordering custom millinery ensures that you will be unique in your competing outfit and that you have paid attention to detail in constructing your (hopefully) winning outfit,” adds Mimi.  

Ordering a custom piece also means you are able to incorporate specific features, shapes or tones into the millinery that are not available in the ready-to-wear market. 

When it comes to choosing the right millinery piece for your outfit, Mimi suggests trying on several styles to determine what suits you and your personality best. 

“It is really important to embody confidence when competing in the ‘Fashions At The Races’ and it’s hard to pull off confidence when you are fidgeting with your millinery or you don’t feel like the best version of yourself.” 

Most importantly, Mimi recommends purchasing millinery that you can incorporate into your wardrobe at a later date. 

“At Mimi-Jane Millinery, I really seek to design and create millinery that can be re-styled and worn more than once. I often tell my clients that after having spent so much time in designing and creating the millinery, I want to know that it is out having a fabulous life at the races, at your birthday, at your friend’s wedding. I don’t believe that millinery should live its life in a box in the wardrobe!“ 

Whether you are new to the racing circuit or adding to your millinery collection, Mimi always suggests having some fun with it. 

“Months and months can often go into the planning of racing outfits so make the most of it, show some personality with your outfit and styling and have some fun!”

“Even if you are not used to wearing millinery, once you arrive at the track you will feel immediately comfortable when you see everyone else wearing their finery.” 

This competition has now closed.

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