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 For Adelady’s Hayley Pearson, the joy of cooking was lost when she tried to balance motherhood to two little boys with running her own business. Preparing a delicious meal, was once a passion but had become a dreaded chore. Trying to think of something to cook that was more exciting than a bowl of Weet-Bix was one thing, shopping for the ingredients in a hurry at the supermarket with two pre-schoolers was something entirely else. Let’s just say disastrous.

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It got to the point where Hayley genuinely missed sitting down to a delicious meal with her husband every night and the mother-guilts had kicked in too – she needed to find a better way to nourish her family, while still managing her beyond hectic lifestyle.

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That’s when she discovered Thomas Farms Kitchen and she has never looked back! TFK has enabled Hayley to get chef created recipes and locally sourced ingredients delivered direct to her door each week. Opening her delivery to discover some of her favourite South Australian brands like Beerenberg has helped her to rediscover her love of cooking.

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Best of all TFK have made it easy to create interesting meals at home, without the hassle of the supermarket – and there is less wastage too! Each delivery comes with just the right quantity of ingredients to make the recipe. Most importantly, TFK has helped to reduce stress in Hayley’s life and increase quality time spent with her boys around the dinner table.

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Does Hayley’s story sound familiar? Are you short on time and finding it difficult to prepare delicious, interesting and healthy meals for your family – opting for take away instead? Give Thomas Farms Kitchen a go and simply cook, serve and enjoy.

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The Wrap Up

Thomas Farms Kitchen

Special offer: Enter the code SS50 to save 50% off your first order. Place your order by clicking HERE

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