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Things are rarely perfect at our house at Christmas time, in fact they are never perfect and things just become more and more chaotic the closer it gets to the big day. But I guess that’s us, that’s life with three boys and that’s what makes Christmas time special for us.

For our family, it’s the simple moments that make Christmas time magical, like when the boys are peacefully occupied writing cards to their school friends or when we sneak a moment to read our favourite Christmas book, The Night Before Christmas.

Christmas in our house is mostly crazy, it’s loud and it is boisterous. This year it seems to be even more unruly because the boys have developed an obsession with WWE Wrestling, no ornament is safe thanks to their wrestling antics.

But do you know what, despite the disastrous Santa photos, burnt Turkey, forgotten gifts and broken ornaments, all we choose to see is joy, because this is our family, this is our Christmas and to us it’s perfect.

Without fail, my husband Kane and I always take advantage of the extended trading hours at Westfield Marion, in order to get our shopping done. We will be the ones madly dashing though the centre at midnight trade on Thursday the 17th of December or at Non-Stop Shop over Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th of December. But we laugh as we shop and see others just like us, manically ticking off their list and checking it twice! The last minute shop-a-thon is all a part of the festivities and an imperfectly, perfect Christmas!

Westfield Marion Christmas Trading Hours

Saturday 12th Dec

9am – 5pm

Sunday 13th Dec

9am – 5pm

Thursday 17th Dec

9am – midnight

Friday 18th Dec

9am – 9pm

Saturday 19th Dec

9am – 5pm

Sunday 20th Dec

9am – 5pm

Monday 21st Dec

9am – 9pm

Tuesday 22nd Dec

9am – 9pm

Wednesday 23rd Dec

9am – Non Stop Shop

Thursday 24th Dec

Non Stop Shop – 5:30pm

Friday 25th Dec


The Wrap Up

This is Christmas at Westfield Marion

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