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The right child, in the right restraint at the right time | With RAA

Oct 5, 2018 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

How to select a child restraint for your child.

We all want to keep our children safe on the road and so there are guidelines and rules to keep our precious cargo protected, like making sure they have the right restraint for their age and size.

The risk of serious injury or death of a child is reduced by up to 70 per cent with a suitable, correctly fitted restraint, and thankfully, RAA are here to help you get it right.

RAA’s experts will recommend the best seat for your child at every stage. RAA have a selected range of restraints available at a discounted price for members.

RAA members can get a seat fitted or checked free of charge at RAA’s Safety Centre located at Mile End. For a small fee you can now get restraints fitted and checked at our regional locations at O.G Roberts Mount Gambier and Angaston Motors Barossa.

RAA’s motto is the right child, in the right restraint at the right time.

If you have a newborn, RAA recommend a dedicated rear facing infant restraint, like a Baby capsule.

From six months to four years, RAA recommend using a 0-4 convertible seat, which allows an adjustment from rear facing mode to forward facing mode sometime after their first birthday.

From ages four to at least seven, a tall booster seat with adjustable head rest will give the best protection as your child grows.

When your child turns 7, RAA recommend you take the following three-point test.

  1. Does the sash part of the seatbelt sit on the middle of the shoulder without touching the neck or face?
  2. Does the lap part of the seatbelt sit low down on the hips and not on the abdomen?
  3. When you sit the child on the seat with their bottom all the way back, are their thighs long enough for their knees to bend and allow their legs to hang over the front of the seat?

Video: Watch the three-point-test below

Standard car seats and seatbelts are designed for adults, so your children generally won’t fit an adult seatbelt – until they measure at least 145cm tall.

So, if you answered “no” to any of the questions on the three-point test, your child needs to remain in a booster seat to ensure maximum protection and compliance with the law.

Book a safety check today by calling the RAA Safety Centre on 08 8202 4592 or send an enquiry and rest assured you’re keeping your kids safe in the car.

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