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Jul 17, 2017 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

Are you a teeth grinder? Does it give you headaches and annoy your partner in bed at night? Teeth grinding, or ‘bruxism’, as it’s scientifically called, is really common, but left untreated can cause damage to teeth, fillings and jaw bones – grinding could ruin your smile!

The Knight Guard

Facts about teeth grinding and clenching:
– It’s the condition of grinding, gnashing or clenching while you sleep
– It can be caused by, or get worse with, stress, concentration or sickness
– Many people don’t know when they are grinding or clenching in their sleep
– Excessive alcohol or drug use can cause bruxism
– It can be treated

If you’re having headaches, jaw aches or have notice damage to your teeth, veneers or fillings, it’s best to see your dentist for diagnosis. If your dental practitioner advises a night guard as treatment, there is a way to avoid hefty bills and return visits to the clinic, simply by doing it yourself.

The Knight Guard is a DIY custom night guard you wear while you’re asleep that helps protect your teeth against damage from grinding. There are 5 steps to getting a Knight Guard and none of them involved expensive visits to the dentist.

1. Order your Knight Guard kit online and it’ll be express posted to you within a couple of days.
2. Take an impression of your mouth in the comfort of your own home. Here’s a video to show you how.
3. There’s a reply-paid sticker on the bottom of the box, so it’s as easy as sealing it up and putting it in a yellow Express Post box or dropping it off at the post office. The technicians in the Melbourne lab will then custom make a mouth guard from your impression.
4. Receive your brand new Knight Guard 5-9 business days after sending.
5. Sleep easy knowing you are well protected.

The Knight Guard

There are other ‘boil and bite’ style mouth guards, but a custom made guard is a far superior device and is recommended by the Dental Health Foundation and the Australian Dental Association.

Also it’s hard to resist the convenience of taking an impression and ordering the guard from home, and with a 7-day money back guarantee and warranty on manufacturing faults, you can rely on The Knight Guard. Made by Impression Healthcare Limited (IHL), an ASX-listed dental manufacturing company with a reputation for making quality and affordable dental devices (see Gameday Mouthguards and Instant Teeth Whitening), TKG is the best protection you can get for your teeth while you sleep.

If you’re the bed partner of a teeth grinder, helping them settle their issue with a home-made kit might be a little gentler than dragging them to the dentist time and again!

You can order The Knight Guard at their website HERE or contact TKG for more information on their range of products.

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