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The Egg Social at Repromed | A free fertility seminar.

Apr 10, 2019 | Reading Time: 2 minutes


As women, there are so many things we focus on.  Career, health, parenting, relationships; the list is endless.

With so much to do and so little time, it’s understandable that some women might choose to start a family later.

But in order to keep the choice to have a family in their future, many women are opting to freeze their eggs to keep options open.

There are many reasons women choose to freeze their eggs.  Sometimes they’re not sure if they want to be parents yet, sometimes it’s for health reasons.

Deciding whether you want to be a mum or not isn’t an easy choice and it’s one that women get a lot of pressure about.

Recently there has been an increased trend of events called ‘egg socials’ where women get together to have a drink and a chat about their eggs.

No, really, this is actually a real thing!  Women get together to learn what the options are for freezing their eggs, whether it’s for health reasons, they haven’t found the right partner, or if they just don’t know if they want to be a mother yet.

To avoid age-related infertility or infertility caused by other issues and conditions, women can freeze their eggs when they are younger and use them when they are ready.

This process is often called ‘social’ egg freezing to distinguish it from medical egg freezing.

In the past, medical egg freezing was mainly for women who risked infertility due to a range of issues, conditions, or cancer treatments.

But now, more and more women have been choosing to freeze their eggs for non-medical reasons.

These Egg Socials are giving women and couples a chance to look at the options, seek expert advice and share their experiences in a community of like-minded individuals.

The medical risks of egg freezing are very low and the option gives women control over their reproductive health and fertility.

In Australia, Egg Socials are becoming quite common, with events coming up in Adelaide.

Repromed are holding a free seminar presented by gynaecologist and senior fertility specialist Dr Ray Yoong.  It will be an informal evening, which will give you information about social egg freezing so you can make an informed decision regarding your fertility.

You’ll also have a chance to talk to others who are asking the same questions as you.

The Egg Social is held on Tuesday 30th April at 7pm at Repromed (180 Fullarton Road, Dulwich), and you can register here.

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