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Jun 3, 2015 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

The Collins Bar overlooks Victoria Square in the heart of Adelaide and has a reputation for serving the best cocktails in the city! Of course an extensive range of beer, wine and spirits is also available and the food is delicious!


The contemporary cocktail bar attracts a diverse crowd; executives looking for a sophisticated evening retreat away from their hectic working day, discerning interstate travellers and small groups in search of an intimate environment for a relaxed catch up.

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Lots of people come to The Collins Bar to celebrate an occasion because they can reserve a space, receive exceptional customer service and enjoy a food and beverage menu that excites! The Collins Bar serves up a selection of mouth-watering Tapas style dishes, ideal for sharing. The truffle shoe string fries with parmesan and garlic aioli have a cult following for very good reason.

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In July The Collins Bar will celebrate all things ‘martini inspired’ for its latest limited edition cocktail menu. Martini Month will see a variety of gourmet martini recipes hit The Collins Bar, with the classics taking a backseat for the wilder spirits and garnishes set to steal the limelight.


The new martini menu is both daring and exciting for martini connoisseurs as well as for those wanting to try something out of the ordinary. The Collins Bar mixologists have been working for months in the lead up to create the limited edition menu, taking inspiration from savoury and sweet martini recipes


The martini menu features 6 limited edition flavours to suit everyone’s personal taste. If you are yet to try a traditional martini, these fun cocktails will be sure to ease you into the trend.


Newcomers to The Collins Bar martini menu  include Collins Carnival,  Sloe Down, Chemistry 101, Breakfast at Collins, Sparkling Spider and Tea or Tequila.

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The Collins Bar overlooks Victoria Square in Adelaide

July is ‘Martini Month’ with an exclusive martini menu on offer.

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