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The Baby Manual – Guiding you through baby’s first eight weeks.

The Baby Manual is here to welcome you to parenthood with a supportive, informative and reassuring guide that will help you to not only survive those precious early weeks, but to love them!  Not your first time? The Baby Manual is ideal for mums of baby number two, three or four! No two babies are alike and it can be tricky to remember the early days with your first child, so it’s ideal to have this wonderful resource at your finger tips.

Created by Donna Mansell: a midwife, nurse, lactation consultant and mother; she saw the need for advice that can be accessed at any time of the day or night.  Donna has bought together a fantastic team of experts to cover your every question and to build your confidence at a time when you are on the steepest of learning curves.

The Baby Manual is an eight week e-Learning course suitable for all parents, starting at the beginning of your baby’s life.  It covers self care, feeding, sleeping, settling and bonding with your baby.  Even the trickiest topics are covered (should my blood loss / nipples / baby’s poo look like that?!  When should I have sex again?).  The course includes helpful videos and guides containing advice from Donna, as well as paediatricians, an obstetrician, dieticians, a physiotherapist, a psychologist, a sleep expert and more.  You can access the course content whenever it’s convenient – hello 2am feeding session!  We love Donna’s friendly, funny and comforting approach; it’s just what any new mum needs when you’re feeling a bit worn out!

The Baby Manual Course focuses on what is really important and realistic – helping to ensure a happy mum and family.

The Wrap Up

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