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[tem-puh l]
1. an edifice or place dedicated to the service or worship of a deity or deities.

In an increasingly hectic world, few of us take the time out to truly nurture and worship the divine within. In a break from the norm, that’s exactly what I did, when I took three hours away from my boys, work and planning dinner, to completely immerse myself in a pampering session at Temple Day Spa.

Temple Day Spa is a boutique and specialised Day Spa located in the suburb of Unley, South Australia. Voted consistently as the ‘Best Day Spa in Adelaide’ and more recently ‘Spa of The Year 2015’, Temple Day Spa is proof heaven on earth does exist. It’s like paradise for your senses, from the aromatics, to the lighting and even the soundproof treatment rooms!

Temple Day Spa, Unley Rod, Unley

You don’t realise how difficult it is to actually switch off until you attempt it. The normal thoughts of guilt and ‘I should be doing this, this and this!’ crept in as I walked into the spa, but then I got immersed in the ‘Temple way’ and I started to be kinder to myself. At Temple Day Spa there is a culture of ‘nurture’ and ‘nurturing’ is how I would best characterize every person I met, from owner Sharon, to her daughter Kristy and my therapist Cheyney.


Temple Day Spa Owner Sharon

After storing my possessions in my locker and slipping into my luxe white robe, my session began with a far infrared sauna, which works to detoxify your body, by increasing your body’s core temperature through the use of infrared heat. This is a comfortable and relaxing experience because there is no steam, which can often be unbearably hot. I read a magazine while the sauna helped me to detoxify from a cellular level of the skin where many toxins are housed. What a way to start!

Far infrared sauna

Next I headed off to the vichy shower (the only one in South Australia!) for a Moroccan Rassala Scrub and Wrap. Wow! Take me back please! With my pores open from the infrared sauna treatment, my skin was perfectly primed for the deep exfoliation from the scrub. Goodbye dry and dead skin cells. The vichy shower then cleansed my skin through steam and gentle jets. Next my therapist, Cheyney, applied the wrap. Because of the steam of the shower there is no need for any plastic, alleluia! This treatment also includes a decadent scalp and neck massage. I left the treatment room feeling like I was floating with the most radiant skin. I can’t recommend this experience more highly.

Vichy shower

I walked past the couples suite en route to my next treatment. Cheyney mentioned this space is extremely popular with ‘Couples Embrace‘ the most sought after package. The package is designed for twosomes to take two hours out of their busy lives to reconnect. It includes a 30 minute far infrared Sauna, 30 minute soak in the Geisha tub filled with Aroma oils, and then finishes off with a deep Signature 1 hour hot stone massage ($149pp).

Couples Suite

I arrived at my new treatment room, where I would stay for the next two hours. First I had a full body Hot Stone Massage. This is a relaxation massage that includes long strokes with precisely heated basalt stones held within the palm of Cheyney’s hands, allowing her to penetrate deeper into my muscle tissue. Thoughts of dinner preparation are long gone and I am divinely relaxed.

Finally a Vitamin C facial, which is a supremely calming experience with intensive benefits. The Germaine De Capuccini products worked to firm, repair and illuminate my skin step by step and Cheyney’s technique is flawless.  The results are immediate. The luxurious treatment left my skin luminous!

My morning spent at Temple Day Spa was one of the loveliest experiences of my life. Luxurious yet overwhelmingly warm and nurturing and not one bit pretentious! I left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and despite my guilt and worries at the start, the world carried on without me for three hours! The divine in me honours the divine in your Temple Day Spa. Thank you.

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The Wrap Up

Temple Day Spa

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