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Tech-Dry | Free Salt Damp Inspection.

Jun 17, 2019 | Reading Time: 3 minutes


Salt damp and other damp-related issues are a common problem for homes across South Australia.  If you are worried that salt damp may be affecting you home, then contact Neil and his team of experts from Tech-Dry.

Tech-Dry is a proudly South Australian, family owned company.  They have treated thousands of homes for more than 30 years.

Their team of licensed and insured technicians will come out and provide a free, honest and accurate inspection and a quote, no matter where you are located within the state.  Plus, they employ a team of qualified tradespeople who can complete your job from start to finish.

Salt damp is a major cause of decay to homes.  It occurs when ground water rises into masonry walls without a sufficient damp-proof barrier at the base.  Carried with this water are soluble salts. As the water evaporates out the of wall, salt deposits get left behind to crystallise on or near the surface.  These salt crystals spoil interior surfaces and cause the outside mortar and masonry to erode.

Accurately diagnosing salt damp is best left to the experts.  Many homes suffer from different forms of damp. Condensation, damaged gutters, leaking pipes and a lack of sub-floor ventilation will cause symptoms of decay similar to those of salt damp.  It is crucial that an onsite inspection and diagnosis is undertaken so that the source of the damp can be identified. Tech-Dry offers solutions to all of these problems.

During a free onsite inspection, Neil will ask you some questions about your home.  He will then spend 10 to fifteen minutes inspecting the area that you are concerned about.  After taking measurements, notes and photographs of any damage, Neil will provide you with a diagnosis and the cost of treatment.  He will then follow up with an email a few days later.

In years gone by treating salt damp was an expensive undertaking.  Now, thanks to Tech-Dry’s innovative treatment solutions, many clients are pleasantly surprised by the cost.

Tech-Dry’s Australian-made, no smell, no fuss, heritage-approved salt damp solution is backed by a 30-year warranty.

Get in touch with Tech-Dry at or phone 8132 1166 for your free inspection and quote.

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