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TAFE SA Short Courses | Gain skills to help you reach your goals.

Mar 22, 2019 | Reading Time: 2 minutes


Every year, thousands of South Australians enrol in TAFE SA short courses.  People get involved for a number reasons: to boost their industry or professional skills, to get a head start in a new career or to try something different for fun.  Sometimes, a TAFE SA short course leads to a brand-new small business.

With over 400 short courses available, TAFE SA offers a diverse range of options.  Areas of study includes art and design, building and construction, business and marketing, community services, education and languages, government, property, hair and beauty, health and lifestyle, hospitality and tourism, information technology, mining, engineering and automotive, and primary industries and science.   

Not only can you choose from a wide range of subjects, but for some courses you can decide whether you want to study on campus or online in your own space, at your own pace.  TAFE SA short courses can be completed within a day or part-time over a number of weeks or months. Plus, they are available in the Adelaide metropolitan area and across country South Australia.

Carla and Mafalda are amongst the many TAFE SA short course success stories.  They are the proud owners and operators of Saudade, a small business that brings the delectable taste of Portugal to South Australia.  Using a traditional recipe, they create Pastel de Nata, otherwise known as Portuguese tarts. Served with coffee and a sprinkle of cinnamon, the tarts comprise of smooth custard with a golden, scorched top, encased in layers of crisp puff pastry.

After migrating to Australia, Carla and Mafalda were driven by a desire to open their own business in Adelaide.  They began the process of turning their idea into a viable enterprise by enrolling in a TAFE SA short course. The course allowed them to hone their baking skills, gain crucial experience working in a commercial kitchen and overcoming ingredient-sourcing issues.  The confidence that Carla and Mafalda garnered from their TAFE SA short course has resulted in Saudade, their gorgeous café in Mitcham Square that offers their very own Portuguese tarts and great coffee.

Just like Carla and Mafalda, you too can gain skills to help you reach your goals with TAFE SA short courses.  With so many subjects on offer, now is the time to take the next step. Who knows where it might lead!

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