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SwimSeal | The solution to ear infections

Nov 21, 2018 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

Listen up! There’s now a solution to ear infection problems with SwimSealTM

With summer coming, it’s time to get ready for the beach and the pool and all the fun that comes with it.

My boys all love swimming, especially my youngest two, Raph and Sonny, but both boys were often affected by ear infections and pain caused by trapped water.

And they’re not alone, over one million people per year are affected by infections and pain caused by retained water in the ear.

But I’ll tell you what’s been a lifesaver for Raph and Sonny (and me!), and that’s SwimSealTM.

The eardrops work on the premise of prevention being better than cure by creating a waterproof barrier in the ear canal.

SwimSeal TM uses a unique formulation containing Australian tea tree oil that is applied before exposure to water, which then leaves the ear naturally.  It can be reapplied as needed.

Ear infections cost the health economy around $70 million, in addition to the time lost in exercise, sleep, school and work absences for kids and parents.

SwimSeal TM was developed by ENT surgeons and is often referred to as the invisible ear plug. At $19.99 there is sufficient volume of SwimSeal TM in each bottle for over 100 applications which equates to just $0.20 per application making it a great investment for you and your family’s health and peace of mind.

Other cheaper products on the market often use isopropyl alcohol to treat retained water, which can cause maceration of the delicate skin in the ear, which can enhance the likelihood of an infection.

Repeated ear infections causes a build up of scar tissue which makes it even more difficult for water to escape leading to higher risk of an infection.

That’s why using SwimSeal TM is such a great solution for my boys with no pain, no infection, no alcohol, no earplugs and no fuss.

Now we can all go swimming this summer without the worry of them suffering in the aftermath.

If you or your kids suffer from ear infections, grab some SwimSeal TM and protect their ears before they jump in!

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