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Straight Smile Centre | Invisalign First for children and teens.

May 9, 2019 | Reading Time: 3 minutes


For many of us, wearing braces was a painful, embarrassing and long-winded blight on our teenage years.  How wonderful to know that the same experience can be avoided for your own children thanks to Straight Smile Centre.  

Invisalign First is an exciting alternative to braces because it allows orthodontic issues to be resolved as they develop, rather than dealing with the consequences later.  

Invisalign is a clear, plastic appliance known as an ‘aligner’.  Aligners are changed frequently and work by moving the teeth in very small increments, gradually going from crooked to straight.  They are comfortable, invisible and gentle, meaning that they don’t damage the teeth in the way that braces can.

Dental monitoring is conducted weekly by simply using video footage taken on your smart phone.  The data is then analysed on an artificial intelligence platform called Dental Monitoring. The specialist orthodontists at the Straight Smile Centre then use this information to monitor your child’s treatment remotely, which means less time off school and work!

It is recommended that every child should visit a general dentist from the age of two.  Dr Grant Duncan, a specialist orthodontist from Straight Smile Centre, advises that all children should be assessed by an orthodontist from the age of seven.  Most orthodontic problems are apparent from this age, giving your child the chance to have their teeth corrected with optimal results and a minimum of fuss.

The benefits of Invisalign First over braces are numerous.  Aligners can be used from any age, but Invisalign First is typically used in the 8-11 year age group. This is a perfect time as children are usually more amenable to treatment.  The product is easy to use; aligners can be removed for sport, special occasions and whilst eating. In fact, your child’s diet does need to change at all, unlike the restrictions that come with braces.  

In most cases, the use of Invisalign First aligners will prevent the need for your child to wear braces or experience other complex orthodontic procedures, such as tooth extraction.  

Braces are typically worn for 18 – 24 months during the early teen years. They are uncomfortable, unsightly, and can have associated health problems (like decay without careful tooth brushing). With Invisalign First, your child will usually wear aligners for 12 months or less, followed up by a few months of tidy up aligners when all permanent teeth have erupted. No need for braces….ever.

As the aligners are barely noticeable and they achieve excellent results, they are great for your child’s confidence.  Plus, you will need to attend fewer appointments, meaning less time out of school and work.

In every way possible, Invisalign First is a far better alternative.

Contact Straight Smile Centre today.  Your child’s first consultation is completely free and there is no obligation to proceed with treatment.

Little smiles deserve Invisalign First clear aligners.

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