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May 3, 2017 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

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One of the many talented local artists who choose SA to live and work is Ceramicist Stephanie James-Manttan. Having studied a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Applied Design in 2004, Stephanie then went on to do a two-year associateship program at iconic SA arts organisation Jam Factory.

Following her experience there, she teamed up with two other South Aussie ‘mud wrestlers’ and they launched their own studio space where they stayed for four years before Stephanie embarked on her solo artistic venture.

Video: See why Ceramicist Stephanie James-Manttan chooses SA.


Now she spends her days producing ceramic arts objects and vessels  at The Barn at in Aldgate and enjoys choosing SA suppliers and products for her creations.

“I think it’s rather important that I support other South Australian suppliers. There are a couple of people I deal with here in South Australia: Bennett’s Potteries at Magill who have been there since 1887 and The Pug Mill at Mile End. They are the two major suppliers of clay in South Australia,” Stephanie says.

With her art and the world at her fingertips, Stephanie is grateful to South Australian businesses and organisations who helped her do what she loves, such as Guildhouse’s new curated online platform Well Made, which provides members of the public direct access  to commission work from the best  SA artists.

“Being a creative practitioner here in South Australia, we have lots of support from organisations such as Well Made. By choosing SA, you’re nurturing and fostering a whole creative community here in South Australia and it’s a launch pad to bring your product across the world,” she says.

Well Made showcases the work of South Australian visual artists, craftspeople, designers and creative spaces by giving audiences the opportunity to experience, connect and engage with the creative industry. Well Made gives artists the opportunity to publicise their business to a marketplace where high-end bespoke products are in high demand.

Stephanie’s studio is located at ‘The Barn’ in Aldgate.

The support of the community in Adelaide is why Stephanie James-Manttan chooses SA and wouldn’t live anywhere else.

“The thing I love most about living in SA is the creative vibe the state has. I really like the free and easy lifestyle of Adelaide. My husband is working, my son’s just about to start uni and I’m doing something I’ve always wanted to do all my life, and that is to create objects for people to use and love.”

South Australia in the studio is an initiative by I Choose SA.

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