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Mar 23, 2017 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

Family owned and run, award winning joinery business Space Craft are not only building kitchens, they are also building South Australia. Founded in July 2008 by Ellen and Nathan Wundersitz, Space Craft are dedicated to making dream spaces, making a difference, and saying ‘I Choose SA’.

The initiative of Brand South Australia’s ‘I Choose SA’ is to drive sales of South Australian products and services throughout the supply chain, build SA pride by letting customers know when they choose local products and services they are supporting SA’s economy and its people. When consumers choose SA products and services, they can be confident they are supporting the economy, employment, consumer confidence and a better community. This is exactly what Ellen and Nathan are working towards in their SA business.

The couple enjoy working and creating in the beautiful region of Strathalbyn, while servicing metropolitan and wider South Australia and they are proud of the difference they make to their community.

“We run the business in Strathalbyn and we love being part of the community but it doesn’t stop us from servicing the wider metro area and all of South Australia,” Ellen says.

“In a country area, it empowers people to feel more involved with Spacecraft as a business and in the community,” Nathan agrees.

Not only keeping business local, Space Craft are giving opportunities for growth and employment to people in the community through training and work, taking on one new staff member every year over the past decade and training six apprentices in that time.

“We’re passionate about providing employment opportunities for South Australians, particularly in our regional area,” Ellen says.

And the Wundersitz aren’t just supporting the community with jobs and education, they are also committed to helping other businesses in their area and in South Australia.

“Being in business, we are acutely aware of the importance of being supported by other local businesses and the affect that has on our bottom line. We do the best that we can to pay that favour back and support our local businesses and help them grow as they’ve helped us grow,” Ellen says. “From a South Australian perspective, there’s so much to offer; there are so many amazing creatives we collaborate with and it’s great to be a part of that.”

But above all, it’s their clients who keep the dream alive. Clients who support local and say, ‘I Choose SA’.

“We wouldn’t be here without the support of our clients. What they probably don’t realise is that by choosing us, not only do they get the benefit of their dream kitchen, but they’re helping us to build our dream business and support the regional area and to grow business in South Australia,” Ellen says.

Ellen and Nathan Wundersitz choose SA by keeping South Australians employed, engaged and empowered. They are dedicated to supporting the community, as well as creating quality, creative kitchens.

Choose SA and check out Space Craft’s wares today.

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