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Smilefile – your memories perfectly preserved

Smilefile offers the perfect way to safely store the precious mementos of your child’s life, allowing you to keep everything from ultrasound images to first drawings, sports day ribbons to year 12 school reports, and so much more!  The high quality, Australian owned and made, the main Smilefile range includes a Pregnancy to Pre-School Kit, a Pre-School to Year 12 Kit and an A2 Paintings and Drawings Artwork Carry Case.  Each Smilefile kit is customised to suit the individual and comes assembled, ready to use.

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Smilefile, your memories, perfectly preserved

The Pregnancy to Pre-School Smilefile Kit is a fantastic purchase for your own family and it also makes a thoughtful and practical gift for parents-to-be.  It records your pregnancy, birth and the first five years of your child’s life.  The kit includes:

> A Memory Box to store larger items such as your child’s first shoes or a beloved toy.

> A Folder with pre-printed pages to record your pregnancy journey and your baby’s milestones

> Plastic Pockets that are acid free and archive standard to store ultrasound images, photos, the birth certificate and drawings.

> 48 Colourful Labels to personalise your child’s memories.

> 2 Organza Pouches to store a lock of hair or the first tooth.

Pregnancy to Pre-School Kit

The Pre-School to Year 12 Smilefile Kit is a fantastic gift for children who will be starting kindy or school in the new year (it’s not that far away!).  The kit records your child’s path from kindergarten to the final school years.  This large, comprehensive kit includes:

> A Colourful Outer Storage Box

> 3 Polypropylene Folder to safely store certificates and awards, sports ribbons and medals, photos and digital materials, painting and drawings.

> 2 Polypropylene Document Boxes to house report cards and special projects.

> A variety of Plastic Pockets (also acid free and archive standard) for paintings, drawings, certificates, photos, sports ribbons, CDs, DVDs and USBs.

> 20 Colourful Labels to personalise your child’s memories.

Pre-School to Year 12 Kit

The Smilefile A2 Paintings and Drawings Artwork Carry Case is ideal for storing your child’s larger masterpieces forever.  Choose from six bright colours – red, blue, green, yellow, purple and pink.  The sturdy case is made from polypropylene plastic and has a carry handle.  It comes with 20 stickers to record the date your child created each work of art.

2 Paintings & Drawings Artwork Case


Smilefile – unique kits that store and protect the precious memories of our child

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