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Our middle son Raph turned eight in June and when discussing his much considered present list he said he’d like a new blanket and pillow. I knew our boys were creatures of comfort, but when Raph opted for new bed products over Lego, I knew it was time for a much needed overhaul of our linen cupboard. This time I was determined to stock it with bedding products to last decades and only one brand came to mind – MiniJumbuk.

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Located in the South Australian country town of Naracoorte, MiniJumbuk was founded in 1975 by local sheep shearer, Don Wray. Don identified the incredible properties of wool and succeeded in creating a design that was light, warm, comfortable and hard wearing. More than 40 years on, MiniJumbuk is recognised as a global leader in the design and manufacture of premium wool bedding products.

With ‘operation bed overhaul’ underway in our home, I went about selecting the most suitable products across quilts, pillows, underlays and blankets for my family.


I went for the Drifters Quilt for our eldest Ed. It features 400gsm wool fill and pure cotton casing. This quilt is ideal for year round use and best of all its suitable for kids like Ed with allergies and asthma.

For our younger two, Raph and Sonny, I bought the Dreamers Wool Rich Quilt for Kids. With a blend of 80% Australian wool and 20% polyester it’s perfect for regulating the temperature of little bodies.

All MiniJumbuk quilts come with a 5 year guarantee.

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Out with the boy’s old pillows and in with Dreamers Wool Rich Pillow for Kids. They are specially designed with a low profile, giving gentle support and comfort. I also love that you can machine wash and tumble dry them.

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For one of Raph’s birthday gifts I invested in the Merino Soft Blanket in Celeste Blue – so luxurious! Made from 22 micron Australian merino wool, complete with soft satin edging – this is one blanket that offers the ultimate in softness and durability. I can actually visualise Raph leaving home one day and taking his blanket with him. He loves it so much!

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A recent diagnosis with arthritis in my hips and sacrum meant I was encountering sleep disruption – the pain was waking me in the middle of the night. I invested in the Luxury Mattress Topper and it has helped so much with alleviating my aches and pains. It combines five unique layers, providing a deep luxurious feel. My bed has never been so comfortable. The deep fitted skirt keeps the topper firmly in place. In summer I’ll reverse it to reveal the cool cotton padded side. This topper is a game changer!

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The Wrap Up

MiniJumbuk is 100% Australian Made

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