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May 13, 2018 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

Is your hair a bit (or a lot) on the thin side?  Has pregnancy and motherhood left your tresses in tatters?  Are you time poor but want to feel glamorous with minimal effort?  Are you worried about the damaging effect of clips and glue on your fragile locks?  Sitting Pretty’s Halo hair extensions were created just for you!

The Halo has revolutionised the world of hair extensions.  Designed with comfort in mind, the easy application of the Halo will transform your hair in a matter of seconds.  This innovative extension is non-damaging and virtually undetectable.

Taryn Melissa, Founder and Co-Director of Sitting Pretty talked to us about her brand; “Like most girls, I had a love-hate relationship with hair extensions. I loved how they made my hair look but I hated what they did to my real hair.  I tried everything but one compromise after another left me tired, frustrated and with my real hair even worse than when I started.

I saw other girls trying to figure it out too.  So, with my partner in crime and co-founder Logan, we decided to try and find a way to solve thin hair problems and give all girls the chance to kick bad hair days and go straight to the hair they’ve always wanted.  It had to be something that was easy, healthy, and above all, looked Beyoncé-level good.” she said.

Many new mums experience hair loss during and after pregnancy.  Often the hair takes a long time to grow back, sometimes it remains permanently thin.  The Sitting Pretty Halo hair extension can give you back the confidence of your pre-mum days with a natural, comfortable boost that is not going to damage your existing hair.  You will also save on the ongoing cost and hassle of volumising products.  No mother has time for that!

Sitting Pretty is running an exclusive ‘10% off’ promotion. If you want to bring epic glamour to her hair whilst keeping it natural click HERE to shop and enter the code MOTHERSDAY10.

The Sitting Pretty Halos are made of a natural European texture using 100% Remy hair. The Halo comes in 15 different colours.  You can be perfectly matched to your own colour by the Sitting Pretty team online. Once slightly cut and styled by your hairstylist to match your own hair shape, the Halo sits perfectly blended for a completely natural look.

Sitting Pretty offers three types of Halos by thickness:

Fine ($195):   Designed to be cut to the same length as your own hair, it will create volume to add oomph to your hair, or to fill in a few gaps.

Medium ($295): This thickness will give you both volume and length, resulting in a mane that will make you want to post every photo!

Thick ($395):  Perfect for those who have medium to thick hair and want to add some serious length.  The extra thickness will give the added length a natural, va va voom appearance.

The Sitting Pretty team offers amazing customer service with expert advice, ensuring the perfect colour, fit and thickness for you.  You will receive free shipping, 30 day exchanges and the option of Afterpay.

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