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SILK Laser Clinics | Laser Redness Removal.

Nov 18, 2019 | Reading Time: 2 minutes


Since having a baby 12 months ago, Ellie has noticed some detrimental changes to her skin.

She found that it was quite patchy with visible pores and inflammation which was the main reason she decided to try the Laser Redness Removal treatment at SILK Laser Clinics.  

Redness on the face is a common skin concern amongst many men and women and can easily be treated at SILK Laser Clinics with their Laser Redness Reduction treatment.

This non-invasive treatment utilises light to treat dilated blood vessels on the affected areas of the face.

By heating the dermis, the wavelengths of light cause the coagulation of fine and fragile capillaries resulting in a reduction of redness and strengthening of the skin.

Upon arriving at the clinic, Ellie was greeted by the incredibly friendly and knowledgeable SILK Laser Clinic Technician who asked her specific questions about her problem areas. 

Together they decided the steps that would be taken to achieve the outcomes Ellie was after for her skin. 

Although there was some discomfort associated with the Laser Redness Removal treatment Ellie felt she was in safe hands and the session was very quick.

In fact, she left feeling confident and was reassured by the staff that the treatment had gone smoothly. 

The solid redness in Ellie’s cheeks had always been her main problem area and required heavy make-up to conceal. 

Immediately after the treatment, this area felt very red and hot however that was to be expected due to the nature of the treatment. 

It resolved in the next day or two with no issues. 

Within a few days, Ellie noticed a big difference to her cheeks;  the redness was lighter and more dissolved. 

Ellie was also impressed that she no longer had definitive separation between her normal skin tone and the redness. 

So happy with her treatment, Ellie already has plans to book more Laser Redness Reduction treatments in addition to further skin care at SILK Laser clinics. 

If you are interested in reducing any redness on your face, be sure to book an appointment at your nearest SILK Laser Clinic. 

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