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Feeling overwhelmed by all the bad news in the world? Here is a lovely reminder that there are still good (actually, great) people who carry out kind, creative and wonderful deeds for the betterment of those who are most deserving.  Read ahead for a much needed lift of spirit!

Shishka Bob Designs – making a positive impact!

After viewing a video where a young girl received a doll with a prosthetic leg to match her own, kind-hearted Bob Norris of Virginia, USA, was inspired to create a gift for the daughters of his friend, both of whom wear leg braces.  Bob made miniature versions of the leg braces to fit the limbs of American Girl dolls.  The word soon spread and Bob received enquires from the family and friends of other children who wear such braces.  And so ‘Shishka Bob Designs’ was born, with Bob producing hand-made braces in a variety of colours and designs.  He has even created custom fixators, arm and hand braces.  His Instagram page is filled to the brim with photos and videos of delighted recipients, many of whom exclaim that their doll or teddy bear is now just like them and that they are no longer alone.

Bob Norris is the founder of Shishka Bob Designs

What makes Shishka Bob Designs even more special is that Bob manages to create these braces despite his full time work and regular travel.  He devotes evenings and weekends to making these small items that have a huge impact on the children who receive them.

We also love that the braces are designed to fit American Girl dolls or similar.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, American Girl dolls are a total departure from the hyper-sexualised toys that line the aisles of girl’s sections in toy stores.  Measuring a height of 46cm, these relatable dolls are modelled on girls aged eight to eleven, from a variety of ethnicities.

The leg braces come in a variety of designs

The process of making these leg braces is expensive and time-consuming, with some plastic waste.  Currently, Bob creates them in his kitchen using a homemade vacuum form machine and his own oven.  A plastics company is willing to work with Bob to create a more cost-effective and efficient manufacturing process, but the initial cost of producing a mould and other production costs is in excess of $USD5000.  Once this new method of production has been established, the retail cost of the braces will be significantly reduced.  Bob is asking for financial pledges on Kickstarter to get this next phase of Shishka Bob Designs underway.  It’s a great way to support this beautiful enterprise!

We first discovered Shishka Bob Design thanks to Willow of @willows_cpjourney (Instagram). Willow lives with Cerebral Palsy.

The Wrap Up

For more information and to view the Shishka Bob Designs Etsy store, click HERE

Contribute to the Shishka Bob Kickstarter project HERE

Follow Shishka Bob Designs on Facebook HERE and on Instagram HERE


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