She Shopped introduces sister She Digital – finally!

Jul 3, 2019 | Reading Time: 4 minutes


In 2012 I registered the name She Digital Advertising and traded under the name She Shopped. Why I didn’t register and operate under the name She Shopped is beyond my recollection, but in hindsight, it was a move that proved fortuitous. More on that later.

She Shopped was born in May 2012 from me, a then 29-year-old, mum of three boys, wanting to have it all. By “all” I mean, motherhood, a career, and being available 24/7 to my then chronically ill eldest son. I know, right? Talk about crazy!

After discussing my dream of owning my own business with my husband, he declared “well you are very good at finding shit online”, and while his declaration wasn’t poetic, it was true!

As a mum of a heart-kid, shopping centres and their germ-ridden escalator rails and food courts were strictly out of bounds. A trip to such a public place, was almost always followed by a ride in an ambulance and a stay in Women’s and Children’s Hospital, thanks to an illness, brought home from the shopping centre.

And so, in a bid to stay out of the hospital, I became an expert and shopping online, for everything from birthday gifts, to my wardrobe, to food and insurance.

I noticed when I gave a gift purchased online; the recipient would ask “where did you get that?!” Almost always after replying with “online” the person would respond with sentiments like I want to shop online, but I am nervous.

I could tell that consumers lacked the confidence to shop online, fearful of non-delivery, unscrupulous sites and ordering the wrong item and so She Shopped was born – a trusted voice, between leading brands and her steadily blossoming online community of predominantly women.

What quickly became apparent was that the She Shopped community was made up of Australia’s household decision makers and influencers within their friendship groups.

The platform was influencing (and continues to) the buying decisions of our community, as evidenced by the conversions we were achieving for our brand partners. Exciting! A viable and successful business had been born.

But, as with almost all businesses, and especially one like mine, which exists within a fast-paced digital world, change was pending, and thankfully we saw it coming and pivoted, to add content creation to our suite of offerings – specialising in video.

Around three years ago, I started producing video content under the name She Digital Advertising – finally, that name had come in useful. It was a bold move in a sense. I identified a problem that needed to be solved but had no prior experience in the space – I am self-taught.

Admittedly, at first, our videos were terrible – awful! But with persistence and a relentless pursuit to find the right creatives to make up our production team, we became experts at telling stories through video and brands started to notice.

At about the same time as us getting good at producing video, moving content became the preferred mode of consuming media online. Some early adapter brands recognised that video was a vital element of their content marketing strategy and as a disruptive, modern-day creative production agency (the kind that doesn’t charge 100k for a TVC), She Digital became in high demand for our content creation capacity.

We became so busy that She Digital overtook She Shopped in revenue and became the more successful business. In fairness, She Shopped remains a critical element of our operation. I like to call it our competitive advantage – a platform to amplify the content created by She Digital.

She Digital has become a solution to brands across a wide range of industries, including automotive, travel and tourism, medical, retail, lifestyle and professional services. The sectors we produce content for might be broad, but they all face one universal challenge – the capacity to create the content required to execute a digital content marketing strategy.

We got so immersed in our client’s businesses, telling their stories and producing content (and damn we have fun doing it), that for three whole years we neglected to build an online presence for She Digital, until now!

We are proud to share our shiny new website, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn where you can keep up to date with all things She Digital – a little (but bigger) sister for She Shopped, neither of whom would exist without your tremendous support over the past seven years. Thank you and here’s to constantly striving for the enigma that is “having it all.”

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