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Apr 13, 2021 | Reading Time: 2 minutes


South Australian-owned, Selah Homes is a leading custom home builder.  Thanks to their innovative approach and over 80 years of collective industry experience, they can provide you with a personalised and tailored design and construction service to create your dream home.

That is exactly what they did for first-time homeowners, Talia and Elliott.  In October 2020, when their new home was halfway through construction, we met with the young Rostrevor couple to discuss their Selah Homes experience.

For Talia and Elliott, the decision to use Selah Homes was an easy one.  Their first and lasting impression has been one of trust and understanding – a straightforward and friendly process that allowed them to fully customise their new home so that it is a reflection of them.

Now their home is complete, and we could not wait to see the result!

“I still wake up every day in awe that we’ve managed to do this, and this is our house.  This is where we live.  This is where our future’s going to be.  And yeah, it’s still, I’m still a bit in shock,” explains Talia.

For Elliott, the relationship with Selah Homes was reassuring, “It was a really tailored experience with like timeless responses.  You can contact them at any time.  It was like late night weekends.  Like it was really hands-on.”

Even with the added pressures of the pandemic, Selah Homes completed the stunning new home on time and before Christmas, with no hidden variations.

Talia feels confident with their decision, “As a first home buyer, we didn’t really think that, you know, we were going to be in our first ever custom-built home, but it is possible.  You know, we’re so happy we persisted with picking the land, picking the right builder.”

Elliott adds, “because our home is so custom-built, it was tailored to exactly our needs and our specifications, and we love every minute of it.”

Their superb new home boasts spacious open plan living with big picture windows to let the light stream in.  The seamless indoor/outdoor space and modern kitchen makes the home ideal for entertaining.

With exposed brick and customised black panel walls and doors, the home really captures the couples’ youthful style.  “The house has provided the best canvas for me to add in all my finishing touches,” says Talia.

Selah Homes can create your dream home.  Offering a full design and construction service, from concept to completion, they provide quality products with no surprises.

This means that you will not be left with any unexpected variation in costs upon completion. 

Selah Homes will design and build your home to your specific design and budget, giving you a one-of-a-kind dream home.

Visit Selah Homes at or phone them on (08) 8166 7563.

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