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Rundies | Quality sporting underwear range has been extended.

Apr 5, 2019 | Reading Time: 2 minutes


Rundies offers quality underwear for runners.  The garments are comfortable, durable and discreet, giving you the edge to get ahead.  And now Rundies has expanded to promote an active lifestyle, wellbeing and environmental responsibility. 

Rundies was established by Jess Trengove (Olympian and physiotherapist), Jack Trengove (AFL footballer) and Dylan Stenson (Australian 800m runner) in 2015.  The idea to create underwear that combines comfort with function was inspired by Jess and Jack’s own experiences.  Jess’ favourite running underwear wore out and she was unable to find a replacement; Jack was one of many footballers who wore swimsuits underneath his shorts because no suitable underwear could hack the pace.

Together, they designed the Rundies range of briefs, crop tops, trunks and singlets that are made from a silky, flexible and quick-drying fabric blend.  High-stretch elastane is complimented by the naturally soft and anti-microbial properties of bamboo.  The fabric, shaping, stitching and cut of each item is expertly developed and manufactured at their factory in China.  All products are designed from scratch to meet the needs of active people, whether they are professionals like Jess or Sunday Park Run enthusiasts. 

Rundies has evolved to incorporate active lifestyle and wellbeing.  Their website offers insightful blogs, plus you can find fantastic tips on training and racing.

They are also incorporating greater environmental responsibility, with the introduction of recycled packaging in the coming months and more awareness around the sourcing of fabrics.

Be inspired, be active and move smooth in Rundies.

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