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Whenever Tucker Walter Disney the Rescue Dog and I, hear of an opportunity to help animals in need, we jump at it! We could barely contain our squeals of delight when we discovered RSPCA South Australia have launched a new campaign – Silent September – which challenges all of us to give up our voice to save animals! Out of respect for all creatures great and small, we hushed up and “punched it” instead – agreeing to start selling our silence for $1 per minute.

RSPCA Silent September

RSPCA South Australia cares for up to 10,000 animals every year – which makes giving up your voice sound pretty miniscule in comparison. The official day of Silent September is Friday 22nd September 2017, but if that day doesn’t work for you, then you can be silent any day in September.

There are only six steps to Silent September success!

  1. Sign Up – Click HERE to sign up for Silent September, you can even sign up with Facebook in just one click! See my page HERE.
  2. Set your goal – How long can you be silent for? Every minute of silence during Silent September is worth $1.
  3. Personalise your page – Add a photo and personalise your profile to let your friends and family know why you’re taking part.

Why not create a team with your work mates, family or friends. Maybe you could try and have a silent coffee catch up or game of netball?

  1. Plan your silence – Will you be silent at school or university, or maybe in the evening with family and friends? I’m going to be silent for six hours at work.
  2. Share! Ask your friends, family and colleges to sponsor your silence – my husband said he would pay me to stop talking! Get social and share your fundraising page on social media using the hashtag #silentseptember.
  3. Be silent & save animals! Tucker and I practiced our silence – nailed it!

RSPCA Silent September

I’m so grateful that because of organisations like the RSPCA, Tucker is now a part of our family – so I’m committing to six hours of silence ($360) – which can help keep a Rescue Officer on the road. If you would like to donate to my page, firstly heartfelt thank you and secondly you can do that by clicking HERE.

RSPCA Silent September

It’s good to know how the RSPCA will put the funds you raise to use. One hour of silence ($60) can help diagnose and treat a sick puppy, two hours of peace ($120) can help a cat find a loving new home and four hours of hush-hush ($240) can help heal a badly injured dog.

RSPCA Silent September

So come on She Shoppers, lets all get behind #silentseptember and raise much needed funds for RSPCA South Australia. Register for Silent September HERE or donate towards my fundraising goal HERE – with every minute of silence, we will raise $1 for animals in need.

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