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With a Ring video doorbell you can monitor your home from your smartphone, tablet or PC and they’re now available in Australia and New Zealand.

A range of video doorbells has hit the market and their capabilities are exciting! These easy to install devices feature wide-angle lenses and a built in microphone and speaker, allowing you to see, hear and speak with anyone on your property, no matter where you are.  The motion sensors detects movement and triggers instant alerts to be sent to you.  Prices range from approximately $110 to $450, with the option of adding additional camera to allow coverage for your entire outdoor space.

The sleek design of a Ring video doorbell

With a Ring video doorbell, you’re always home. The sleek design, available in Satin Nickel, Polished Brass, Venetian Bronze and Antique Brass, is approved for outdoor use under the harshest conditions, from snow and sleet to extreme heat.  It is simple to install, without the use of an electrician (unless you want it powered using a mains connection) and comes with a rechargeable lithium polymer battery that lasts for over a year.  The Ring mobile doorbell captures clear visuals at any time of the day or night thanks to infrared LEDs, and you are able to customise the motion zones and sensitivity.  You can sync an unlimited number of devices, so that your family members or housemates can keep an eye on things.

The coolest and most useful feature must surely be the ability to record footage.  If you miss a notification from Ring on your device, you can replay the recorded footage later.  The Ring Instagram account is awash with images captured of would be thieves who were successfully prosecuted using this evidence of their dastardly deeds.

We love the possibilities of using a Ring video doorbell.  You can make potential intruders think that you are home, from anywhere in the world!  It allows you to chat with a delivery driver to discuss a safe place to leave parcels and to greet the kids when they arrive home from school – or to berate them if they’re trying to sneak in post-curfew.  Can you imagine it?  “And where in the bloody hell have you been?  Do you know what time this is?  We’ll be talking about this in the morning!” – all yelled from the comfort of your bed.  Speaking of being in bed, don’t you hate it when you’re struck down with the flu and some unwanted cold caller knocks on the door?  Well, thanks to your video doorbell, you can tell them “NO thank you!” without raising your feverish brow from the pillow.  You can also refuse entry to guests until they perform an elaborate interpretative dance on your front doorstep.  And the best part?  You then upload the footage to your social media accounts.

The Wrap Up

Ring video doorbell – never miss a visitor

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