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Repromed Fertility Specialists | Semen Analysis.

Apr 18, 2019 | Reading Time: 2 minutes


When trying to start a family, many couples find they have problems trying to conceive.  This can be for a variety of factors.

In fact, 40% of couples struggling to fall pregnant will be due to problems with sperm function and/or sperm health.

One in 20 Australian men have a problem with sperm quality, which may lead to difficulties conceiving.

It’s widely accepted that the most effective way to assess a man’s fertility potential is via a semen analysis.

When you speak to your fertility specialist, they will often conduct a number of tests to try and get an understanding of any issues you are experiencing.

A semen analysis should be performed as a primary investigation with your fertility health check.

While every fertility specialist will do these checks, Repromed is proud to have the first and only computer-assisted semen analysis machine in South Australia.

What this means is the advanced technology provides you with results faster and more accurately.

The system uses state of the art Optoelectic Technology, meaning that results can be returned in minutes.

The technology also removes operator bias and provides a more consistent and standardised approach when providing results.

It’s often thought that infertility is solely a female problem.  However, a man’s sperm health can account for up to 40% of issues.

There are ways to minimise sperm damage: maintaining a healthy weight, keeping a diet high in fruit and vegetables, and minimising the consumption of alcohol or caffeine.

Lifestyle factors can cause infertility, but so too can genetic problems and physical blockages within a male’s reproductive organs.

The best way to find out what’s going on with your fertility is by visiting a fertility clinic and undergoing a semen analysis.

Repromed is renowned for having world-class fertility clinicians and technology; they are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Have a chat with Repromed today and start your family with the experts.

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