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Making the decision to start a family is never a light one, but when that decision is taken out of your hands, it can be a really difficult time.

When it comes to fertility and fertility treatments, there are a lot of myths, so She Shopped Founder Lucy Cornes decided to dispel some of those with the help of fertility experts Repromed.

Your GP or health provider should be your first call to help you weigh up your options, but if you choose to go down the path of assisted fertility, there are experts near at hand.

Fertility treatment doesn’t always just mean IVF. You might want to have your eggs frozen, you might be looking at your options for the future or you might be starting chemotherapy. Whatever the case, clinics like Repromed are here to assist.

Here are some of the common myths and misconceptions about IVF.

1. All fertility clinics are the same.
There are widespread variations in IVF success rates between clinics so it’s best to talk to your clinic and ask them about their success rates and live birth rates.

2. Your treatment will be the same regardless of your circumstances.
Every person’s individual treatment should be personalised according to their situation. Your fertility specialist should work with you on a treatment plan that is most appropriate for you. Repromed is dedicated to ensuring you have the best chance of falling pregnant by tailoring a treatment plan to you.

3. One IVF cycle will cost $10,000.
There are a few IVF clinics across Adelaide, all privately owned and all costing around the same for a standard IVF cycle. At Repromed, one cycle of IVF could cost somewhere around $2,500 out of pocket, taking into account the rebate you receive from Medicare and if you have private health insurance.

4. You’ll be pressured into doing IVF.
All health professionals are responsible for offering the highest level of care, which is why at Repromed, patient wellbeing is a primary focus for the scientists, doctors, nurses, receptionists, counsellors and support staff. Not all fertility treatments lead to IVF and Repromed will work with you to explore the medical avenues that best suit you in order to fall pregnant, and you will be fully involved in the decision making process of your treatment.

5. Everyone will know I’m seeking fertility treatment.
While there is no shame is having a little help to start a family, Repromed realise it can be a very private matter, which is why they offer the highest level of patient privacy. Their purpose built clinic has separate waiting areas and a carpark with an internal lift that takes you directly into their day surgery reception area.

6. Only married men and women can access fertility treatment in SA.
Last year in SA, laws changed, which means everyone can access fertility treatment regardless of gender or marital status. So whether you’re single, in a same sex relationship, defacto or married, you can access treatment.

If you want to learn more about any of the services on offer at Repromed or to discuss how they may be able to assist you, simply call (08) 8333 8111 and ask to speak with ‘Nurse Kathy’, one of the highly trained fertility nurses, or visit

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