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Repromed Fertility Specialists | Halosperm Test.

Jun 11, 2019 | Reading Time: 3 minutes


Fertility issues are common for  many Australians, affecting about one in six couples of reproductive age.

And while there are many different reasons and/or causes for infertility, approximately 40% of couples struggling to fall pregnant will be due to issues with sperm function and/or sperm health.

Luckily there are innovations in science being revealed all the time which can help couples conceive a healthy child.

When you visit your Repromed Fertility Doctor in Adelaide, they may request a Halosperm Test to provide detailed information about the sperm’s DNA health.

The Halosperm Test at Repromed looks specifically at the DNA damage in sperm to help discover if poor sperm health is the crux of the problem as to why you may be experiencing issues with starting your family.

Sperm can be damaged by a variety of environmental factors, which inhibit their ability to function properly.

Smoking, exposure to some chemicals, high temperatures, free radicals from normal metabolism, increased male BMI and advanced age can all cause damage to a sperm’s DNA.  

Increased levels of DNA damage in sperm can lead to a reduction in fertilisation rates, poor embryo development and/or increased miscarriage rates.

Repromed are experts in the field reproductive medicine and have helped countless couples achieve their dream of having a family.

This local Adelaide fertility clinic covers all bases; working with the latest in technology and innovation to give you the best opportunity to conceive.

During the Halosperm Test, sperm are stained to identify DNA damage with results reported within five business days. 

Designed to give you and your  treating doctor more understanding about the issues you might be facing and the treatment options available, the test is non-invasive and can be repeated after a three month period to see if DNA damage has been fixed, or if you have a consistent issue that Repromed can investigate further.

Sperm has a two to three month life cycle, so there is an opportunity to improve the health and quality of sperm.  You can do this a number of ways, including improving your diet, taking Menevit, or quitting smoking being some of the most effective.

If you are experiencing fertility issues, you are not alone and help is available.  Contact Repromed today to discuss your fertility journey.

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