Repromed | Are you thinking of becoming a sperm donor?

Jan 10, 2020 | Reading Time: 3 minutes


As many as one in six couples struggle to fall pregnant and, in some cases, they require some medical assistance to help them along. 

For some couples it requires the donation of eggs or sperm to give them the family they so dearly want, but the number of suitable sperm donors is currently running critically low.

In order to help couples achieve their dream of becoming parents, clinics like Repromed in South Australia are looking for donors.

Men aged between 21-45 years are being asked to consider becoming sperm donors due to the worry that the demand is outweighing the supply. 

“Changes to legislation in 2017, which now enable a person access to fertility treatment regardless of their marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or religious beliefs – a change which Repromed was a long time vocal supporter of – has seen an increase in the number of people accessing our Donor Program to create their family,” Repromed Regional Manager, Dr Hamish Hamilton said.

“Whilst we are experiencing an increase in requests for locally donated sperm, the number of local donors has not grown to match this demand.”

For only about one hour per month for six months, you could give up to ten South Australian families the life long gift of children.

Here’s how you can become a sperm donor:

  • Be aged between 21-45 years
  • Consent to the release of identifying information to any future donor-conceived children (from 18 years old)
  • Agree to comply will all relevant laws
  • Undertake infectious and genetic screening tests
  • Undergo counselling
  • Provide a genetic family medical history
  • Understand their sperm donations are selfless (act of generosity, they will not be paid)

Becoming a donor doesn’t cost anything or have any ongoing financial or legal responsibilities, but it does give the gift of life for those for whom fertility is an issue, and who would love to start or extend their family. 

“Repromed believes there are many healthy, generous South Australian men who are willing and capable of becoming donors for families, it’s just that they are not sure of how to go about the process. Becoming a donor is quiet simple and straight forward once a man has made the decision,” Dr Hamilton said. 

What you need to know before becoming a sperm donor:

  • Donors do not remain anonymous. Under many state laws a person born from donation has the right to obtain identifying information (like name, date of birth and address)
  • Donors are allowed to donate to a friend. Known sperm donors are those who know the individual or couple and go through the donor process with their recipients.
  • Sperm donors are allowed to find out if any children have been born from their donations. Donors can receive non-identifying information about children born from their donation 
  • Sperm donors have no financial or legal responsibility for children conceived.
  • Sperm donors are not paid for their donation. In Australia, becoming a sperm donor is a selfless act . It is illegal to profit from a sperm donation but you can be reimbursed for certain costs involved.

If you are interested in giving the gift of life to South Australian families, visit or call (08) 8333 8111 and help a family achieve their dreams today.

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