Jun 20, 2017 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

Most people who have grown up in South Australia have spent a large part of their childhood playing and exploring Jetty Road Glenelg, and She Shopped founder Lucy Cornes is no exception.

While we all may have grown up now, and Glenelg has developed and things have changed (RIP Magic Mountain), Jetty Road still remains a place full of treasures and hidden gems.

Lucy often spends time wandering through the boutiques and cafes, always finding new and interesting things to enjoy.

“This is a place that is warmly familiar to me but I can still spend an afternoon getting lost and making my own way finding new stores and places to eat,” she says. “I completely lose myself roaming down the paths and wandering in and out of the side streets.”

Video: Watch Lucy wander through her favourite spots on Jetty Road, Glenelg


Jetty Road, with its iconic history, rich culture and ocean setting is a favourite for its restaurants and cafes, but it’s also Lucy’s go-to destination for shopping.

If she’s looking for larger items for her home like rugs and furniture, you’ll find Lucy at Home Basics and Designs, home to gorgeous Armadillo & Co rugs, Balcony Garden lightweight pots and Missoni.

For trinkets and home décor though, Lucy loves looking around at stunning boutique, Villa Hampton, followed by a coffee and healthy desserts in a beautiful space at Raw.

“If I’m after little accents and décor items, or maybe a gift for someone special, I head to Villa Hampton,” she says. “And it’s not a shopping trip without a sneaky stop for a coffee and I really love Raw Conscious Eatery. You might not know about this one. It’s off on a side street and it’s got a cute vibe and great coffee.”

And for clothing, Lucy is all about investing in quality to avoid waste, and where better to find superior fashion like Once Was, Grace & Willow, OSKAR & Mela Purdie, than at Lumiere Collective.  

“At the moment I’m all about investing in clothing that will last me well beyond one season and Lumiere Collective is not only one of the best places on Jetty Road, but actually one of the best stores in Australia to find a fantastic collection of local and international labels,” she says.

A shopping trip isn’t complete without a little pampering and on Jetty Road Glenelg, Lucy loves Skin Things.

“Their treatments are so nourishing and they have a range of yummy organic products,” Lucy says. “You have to check out their scrubs. If you’ve got dry winter skin, they’re the best way to get rid of it.”

Treat yourself to an afternoon wandering through the beautiful boutiques, cafes and gift shops at Glenelg. It’s time to rediscover Jetty Road.



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