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Mar 7, 2017 | Reading Time: 2 minutes


Create your perfect print wall thanks to the super stylish folks from Hunting for George*

Have you ever wondered how to create your perfect print wall?

Perhaps you have been inspired by Pinterest or your favourite glossy home decor magazine, but never imagined that you could replicate the look in your own home?  Well now you can put together a gorgeous range of prints, guided by the expert advice from Hunting for George* – and you will love their range of monochrome, bold colours, photographic and typographic pieces.

There are six essential steps to create your ideal print wall

Step 1:  Composition

Place your prints out on the floor and play around with the layout until you’re happy.  Don’t forget to take a photo to use as your guide.

Step 2: Curate

Avoid choosing prints that are all the same.  Mix it up and spread the love!

Step 3: Anchor

Hang the largest print first as this will be your anchor.  Hunting for George* recommends hanging this print at eye level.

Step 4: Spacing

There’s no need for a ruler as imperfect gaps will give your print wall character.  8cm or thereabouts is a good guide.

Step 5: Frames

Choose different frame colours to give your print wall an eclectic look.  Two or three frame types is ideal.

Step 6: More is More!

Select enough prints to fill your wall to make a fantastic statement.  An odd number of pieces makes for the perfect wall.

The Hunting for George* collection of prints will make a cool addition to your home workspace.  We love the relaxed beach vibes of the Santa Monica photographic print, the gentle elegance of the Tomorrow  print, the powerful Totem Tangent print, the playful Chatter Cockatoo print and the beautiful In My Life print that celebrates Lennon and McCartney’s poignant lyrics.

The Wrap Up

Hunting for George* – making your home awesome since 2010

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