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Premium low-sulphur wine at unbeatable prices.

Jul 10, 2018 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

Premium, low sulphur wine.

South Australia’s own Ghost Wines brings you premium low-sulphur, regionally recognised wines at unbeatable prices!

Unlike many of their competitors, all Ghost Wines contain low sulphates and are low in sugar.  Wine producers can be known to use sulphates heavily in production as a means of masking impurities like formaldehyde, which can taste and smell terrible.

This can result in hangovers and more immediate negative side effects, such as hayfever-like symptoms and an upset tummy.  In recent years there has been an emergence of products that claim to remove sulphur dioxide from your wine. These are simply made of diluted hydrogen peroxide! Our tip for a healthier approach is to enjoy good quality low sulphate wines, just like our favourites from Ghost Wines.

The wineries used by Ghost Wines ensure that grapes are handpicked and then gently squeezed to avoid the sour and bitter flavours from grape seeds.  This prevents the need to add extra sugar to overcome the unpleasant taste.  You may be surprised to know that Moscato has a whopping minimum of 80 grams of sugar per litre and some well-known Sparkling varieties have 14 – 17 grams of sugar per litre.  Ghost Wines’ Sparkling has only 7 grams per litre, their Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé only contains just 2 – 3 grams and their Shiraz has a tiny 1 gram! Rejoice!

Thanks to excellent local growing conditions, many of the world’s finest local wineries produce an oversupply of their best drops.  Ghost Wines allows you to benefit from this handy abundance!

Ghost Wines work with only the best winemakers, buying the varieties that are renowned for that region and that are carefully produced to avoid high levels of sulphur.  By keeping the winemaker’s identities a closely guarded secret, Ghost Wines rebrands the varieties under their own label.  Cutting out the middleman and other large overheads normally associated with traditional retail channels, Ghost Wines offers you premium quality wines at affordable prices.

The good Ghost Wines news doesn’t stop there!  You can purchase a single bottle if you would like to try before buying a dozen. Plus, there is FREE shipping on all orders! Plus, Ghost Wines are offering She Shoppers 25% off, for a limited time! Just add the promo code ‘SheShopped25’ at checkout. Cheers to all of that!

View the Ghost Wines range and purchase ONLINE today! When the Ghost turns pink, it’s ready to drink!

Win wine and chocolate – doesn’t get any better!

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