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Plush | Toulouse Rocking Chair.

Mar 21, 2019 | Reading Time: 3 minutes


When She Shopped’s Zoe Kelly was preparing to have her first child (the adorable Max, who we are all very excited about!), she was looking for comfort and quality when it came to Nursery furniture.  Perfect for nursing mothers, the Toulouse Rocking Chair from Plush was just the solution.

With its stylish tufted wingback design and diamond buttonhole detail, the Toulouse certainly looks the part.  It actually has slimline armrests, which allow for more shoulder and elbow space whilst nursing.  Plus, it comes with the Plush 10 Year Peace of Mind Warranty®, so Zoe knew she was getting a chair that would last.

“I knew I was getting a quality product with Plush,” she says. “Not just a chair for a season, but a chair that will live on in our home years beyond my nursing days with Max.  I saw a few cheap rocking chairs, but I didn’t want to skimp on quality.

“A rocking chair is a must-have for a nursery. I was looking for a chair that had arms at a good height for feeding (tick), quality made so it will last for years to come so it can feature in another room of the house down the track (tick), comfy to sit and rock – and easy to get in and out of while holding precious cargo (tick), and of course I wanted it to look stunning (tick!!)”

With a choice of a walnut or white base, the Toulouse Rocking Chair also comes with a huge array of fabrics to choose from, which Zoe loved.

“I couldn’t believe the fabric range! I felt like there were hundreds to choose from, which was crazy for me, as I’m an indecisive person at the best of times!” she laughs.

“I did my research online to narrow my favourites down, then went in store to see them in person to make my exciting final choice.  I was so pleased with the service.  When online researching, the pop up chat answered quite a few of my questions and even told me to say ‘hi’ to staff members Dave and Jess when I went in store.

“Dave gave me a lot of his time.  He held up swatches as I stood back and made my final fabric decision.  I think we tried ten swatches!  More than I had planned – whoops.”

Once she’d chosen her design, the chair was delivered without a fuss and Max is reaping the rewards!

“The chair was delivered to our door. I got a text two days prior, letting me know a three hour window to expect delivery, then a call that morning half hour prior from the driver letting me know they were on their way.  They assembled it; put it in the room I wanted, and gave me a spare Allen key just in case.  They cleaned up all the boxing and wrapping and left with a smile,” Zoe says.

“Getting a baby to sleep, as all mums know, is no easy job, so the rocking chair allows me to settle Max without compromising my back.  I’m comfy, and Max likes the movement and dozes off!  Win-win!”

You can visit Plush online to check out the range and talk to the online staff, or pop in to one of the showrooms.

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