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In this episode of ‘Plush at Home’ we go inside the house Kelly Noble – she’s the founder of Glam Adelaide, Adelaide’s first positive news website and mum to two little girls. Kelly shows us how the Ashley 2.5 seater fits into her stunning seaside home. Her styling is sure to inspire and delight.

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Kelly spends a lot of time working from home and often welcomes clients into her space, so she needs a sofa that looks great and also reflects her personal style. But it’s not all about the looks for Kelly – with two pre-school age daughters she needs a sofa that is robust!

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When Kelly purchased the Ashley she bought the Plush-Shield® warranty – which means her sofa was treated with Plush-Shield prior to delivery. The treatment helps to make the removal of stains – often caused by small grubby fingers – easy. Find out more about Plush-Shield HERE.

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Kelly would best describe her style as coastal and we agree! She has integrated lots of blue – as seen in the artwork, cushions and décor pieces – which works perfectly against the oatmeal colour of the Ashley sofa. Kelly also incorporates detailed accent pieces and always has fresh flowers in jars of varying heights and sizes. The way Kelly uses texture creates interest – it begins with the textured fabric of the sofa and is built on using cushions, throw rugs and a textured rug. The whole room is brought together by using a three-way colour palette

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When it came to purchasing the Ashley from Plush, Kelly decided on a 2.5 seater configuration featuring the Maison fabric in ‘Oatmeal’. This size and style fits perfectly in her space, but there are other options including a 1.5 armchair, 1.5 armchair with chaise and 3 seater. The great thing about Plush is you can create your sofa your way. You can view more details about the Ashley HERE.

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We loved filming in Kelly’s home – her style is beautiful, but warm. You get the impression many great memories are being made at her place.

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Wrap Up

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Stay tuned, in an upcoming episode of ‘Plush at Home’ we will be heading into the home of Channel Ten weather reporter Kate Frebairn to see how she styles her Plush sofa.

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