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Feb 28, 2017 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

In this edition of Plush at Home, we are invited into the home of cook Bree May. The 2014 My Kitchen Rules champion keeps very busy these days with her two daughters, husband Cory, rescue pup Rhonda and flock of chickens! When she’s not crafting her famous ketchup, she’s catering functions or grabbing an hour on her Plush Villa Sofa to catch up on the latest episode of MKR – yes she still watches it, we asked her!


According to Bree, you can’t go to a foodie’s home without finding out what they eat on the sofa – no complaints here! In great news Bree makes super delicious Parmesan Savoury Popcorn all the time for her family and it’s so super easy – you’ll never make microwave popcorn again.

To make Bree’s savoury popcorn take your pot and add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, then cover the base with kernels. Add whichever herbs you want to add, Bree always likes to use a woody herb, like rosemary, thyme or sage – then pop the lid on, turn it to the highest heat and walk away. Once it’s finished popping, immediately put it in your bowl, season generously with salt and then grate as much Parmesan cheese as you like on top.

Before we left Bree’s home she had to share her top three tips for the perfect popcorn.

  1. Do not use a cast iron pot, because the popcorn will burn.
  2. Make sure you grate your cheese on while the popcorn is still hot and that way it will stick to all the corn.
  3. This is an awesome and healthy recipe for filing your kid’s lunchboxes.

You can steal Bree’s sofa style by checking out the Villa by Plush. We love the contrasting leather panels and adjustable headrests. Bree went for the optional electric footrests for optimal comfort. Thanks for having us Bree! Your laugh is infectious and your Parmesan Savoury Popcorn is incredible!

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