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A new sofa is on my shopping list so I headed into my local Plush showroom at Mile End. For me comfort is most important when selecting a new sofa, so who better to help me complete a relaxation test, than our new mini schnauzer, Roman Jnr! But of course comfort isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to sofas, here’s why I think Plush sofas are the best in Australia.

It's time for a plush comfort test

Plush are so confident in the longevity of their hand-craftsmanship that all their sofas come with the amazing 10 Year Warranty covering the entire sofa. That’s the stitching, the fabric or leather cover, the frame, the springs, the webbing – everything for 10 years. In the past, I have only ever received cover on the frame when buying a sofa. With three boys and three dogs, it’s important to me to invest in sofa that can handle ‘spirited’ behaviour.

Plush sofas handle messy boys and dogs

On the subject of messy boys and dogs, the good news is that each and every Plush sofa is treated with Plush shield, which means if I spill something…or more likely they do, it’s super easy to wipe clean. How good is that?!

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I loved that you can choose from a wide range of designs, leathers, fabrics and configurations to make your sofa as unique as your personal taste. With over 100,000 combinations available, the Plush staff will help you create the perfect sofa for your own home.

There are loads of fabrics to select from

One of our sons lives with chronic asthma, so I am very conscientious about what I bring into my home, I don’t want anything to trigger his condition – even our dogs are hypo-allergenic! I like that every single Plush sofa goes through a Breatheclear treatment. So whether you buy a sofa with a foam of feather fill, you can be confident your sofa has long lasting protection against dust mites and allergens. Breatheclear has even been approved by the Sensitive Choice program of the National Asthma Council Australia, which is only available at Plush.

Plush pride themselves on their highly trained sales staff

I know all of this about Plush Sofas thanks to the expert advice I received from Luke in the Mile End showroom. You could tell he was genuinely passionate about helping me to find the perfect sofa for my family. He quickly understood the needs of my family and was able to make useful recommendations on configuration and fabric.

Comfort test passed!

Roman loved our trip to Plush at Mile End and has given an emphatic pass on the comfort test!

The Wrap Up

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For your chance to win a Snuggle Chair thanks to Plush, click HERE to enter

Stay tuned, in an upcoming episode of She Shopped TV, I’ll be styling my new sofa at home

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